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5 January 2023

What to Do When Your Safari Accommodation Is Unacceptable

If you've been on Africa safari more than once, you must have come across a safari lodge room that doesn't meet your needs. Either it's not clean or noisy, or some of the room's safety features need to be fixed. Finding yourself in these situations is certainly disappointing, particularly after a long day of traveling. We explore some helpful tips for when and how to deal with lousy African safari accommodation.
20 December 2022

Meeting The Mythical Mountain Gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi

Meeting the mythical mountain gorillas in Uganda's Impenetrable Forest on a gorilla trekking excursion is one of my life's most exhilarating experiences that changed everything I knew about the great apes in Africa. Here is my detailed account of the whole experience.
16 December 2022

Plan Your Next African Safari Tour With These Great Tips

Everyone deserves a break once in a while. The ultimate holiday can involve an unforgettable Africa Safari journey to experience the continent's plethora of natural beauty first-hand. However, planning a trip can be challenging and usually involves many factors to consider, especially for first-timers. Here are some great tips from an expert holiday planner for an awesome holiday journey.
12 December 2022

10 Facts About Silverback Mountain Gorillas

The silverbacks are male gorillas that develop a silver coat on their backs as they age (at about 15 years old). Mountain gorillas live in patriarchal groups, and the silverback heads the family, with several females (usually related) and young ones. The great apes' social lives can be related to primitive human families. Here's our list of 10 other facts about silverback mountain gorillas that you will find fascinating.
2 December 2022

Best places in East Africa to watch lions in the wild

Historically, we have admired African lions as symbols of tenacity, courage and power. These iconic beasts have powerful bodies—in the cat family, they're second in size only to tigers—and roars that can reverberate five miles away. Here are the best places to see lions in East Africa.
3 November 2022

Top Safari Lodges in Uganda

We shuffle through our collection of Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda to select out the best accommodation properties for your summer vacation in the pearl of Africa. We hope that this a-list will inspire your adventure travels as you get back out into the world.
2 November 2022

How to Have a Sustainable Hiking Trip in Uganda

Sustainable tourism is essential for the preservation of local communities and their culture and the environment. Following sustainable principles reduces human activity's impact on the Earth's environment and natural resources.
1 November 2022

Essential Kenya Travel Information Every Tourist Must Know

Essential travel information every tourist must know when visiting Kenya for the first time, including currency, health, the people, shopping, climate, security, visa, and health precautions.
22 October 2022

Where to go on safari in East Africa

East Africa’s breathtaking landmarks are just enough to lure you in for a lifetime holiday. But how do you choose where to go for your first-time safari? Here's how to select.
15 October 2022

Nkuringo Gorilla Group — Late Silverback Rafiki’s Family

Gorilla tourism started in Nkuringo in April 2004 after the habituation of the group that started in 1996. At the leadership of Nkuringo Silverback patriarch, and later Rafiki, Nkuringo group has flourished within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest jungles to form other groups like Christmas. the death of Rafiki (25) on June 1, 2020 has left the group with no leadership and a cloudy future. this post is dedicated to the slain leader.
30 September 2022

How to plan a safari holiday in Tanzania & Zanzibar

Tanzania lies on the east coast of Africa, and it offers the finest safari holiday trip, easily combined with a wide range of Indian Ocean beaches. In our opinion, it really is the best country in Africa to combine a big five safari with the glorious beach holidays.
23 May 2022

Luxury Safari in Uganda — Planning Tips

We love ambitious, well-organised, far-ranging journeys. But they can be challenging to plan and may require an experienced destination management company or outfitter who understands the local tourism logistics. In this new series, our expert safari advisors answer some of the most frequently asked travel questions to help you plan that once-in-a-lifetime luxury safari in Uganda. They tackle luxury travel — where to go, when to go, and how to plan a trip.
19 May 2022

13 Meaningful Experiences You Must Have in Rwanda

There are at least as many meaningful experiences you can have in Rwanda as there are people who call it home. From luxury holiday experiences to roughing it in campsites or seeking out the country's famous mountain gorillas and chimpanzees–and that only scratches the surface. Exploring its vacation experiences will leave you emotional and enlightened.
5 May 2022

Family Safari in Uganda With Kids

ganda is an enchanting destination for family safari vacations with kids. It has charming, adventurous, and safe experiences and lodges where your active, curious kids are adored and enriched, not merely tolerated. You shouldn't wait until your kids are old enough for them to experience Africa's Wilderness magic. A family safari holiday in Uganda can open a child's mind and heart to different cultures and the natural world.
5 April 2022

How to Plan Your First Uganda Safari

To get the most rewards from Uganda's varied, unique, and hidden attractions, you have to do a little research for your trip. Here are thoroughly detailed tips about how to plan your first Uganda safari.
30 March 2022

Tracking wild chimpanzees in Uganda’s tropical forests

Undoubtedly, chimpanzees get a lot of scientific researchers’ attention but much less with summer adventure travelers than the endangered mountain gorillas. However, the thrill of tracking our snobbish cousins in the middle of an ancient rainforest jungle is one of the most endearing adventures on the African continent. And, a chimp permit costs a fraction of what you would pay to see our giant cousin apes, the mountain gorillas.
3 February 2022

A Traveller’s Guide To Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes

Seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda's untamed mountain jungles is a hot adventure item finding growing popularity with intrepid travellers eying Africa for summer getaways. Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, bushwhacking through a seemingly boundless expanse of the thick misty jungle on the slopes of the imposing Virunga Mountains, is an experience like no other.
29 January 2022

Walking With Great Apes of Uganda: Gorillas & Chimps Habituation

Set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the rugged, lush rainforests and walk with the great apes of Uganda on a gorilla and chimpanzee trekking adventure. Spend a day observing the snobbish chimpanzees bands with a primatologist, and track mountain gorillas in the misty mountain jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
27 January 2022

Mountaineering in Uganda: Places For Mountain Hiking Adventures

There are reasons why we like to climb mountains. Mallory gave us one, "because they are there!" Whether mountain hiking means overcoming your fears, pushing beyond your limits, or ticking off your adventure bucket list, mountaineering in Uganda can help you achieve those adventure dreams.
19 January 2022

Best Lodges For Gorilla Trekking — jungle resorts in Uganda & Rwanda

There’s nothing quite relaxing as waking up in a rain forest — the sounds, sensations, and sheer size of these primate infested jungles are a magical reminder of the magnificence of nature. Forest resorts in these destinations are pristine and often with dramatic views of jungle canopies and rugged landscapes, transporting guests to idyllic enchantments.
18 January 2022

Gorillas & Masai Mara; The Most Adventurous Experience in Africa

From the pinnacle of fascinating big-game watching to the depths of pristine wilderness, gorillas & Masai Mara safari expedition will ignite your passion for adventure. The safari holiday promises some of the most adventurous experiences in Africa with lifetime memories and authentic animal and cultural encounters. 
16 January 2022

What To Pack For The Gorilla Trekking Safari – Ultimate Packing List

I would like to believe that if you are looking at what to pack for the gorilla trekking safari, you have already planned your adventure journey in Uganda or Rwanda. So you are looking for a packing list to make sure your luggage includes the right things you’ll need to pull off a memorable African journey.
15 January 2022

Safari Experiences in East Africa For Your Summer Bucket list

From the majestic big game-drive adventures to encounters with intelligent apes in misty mountain forests, here are East Africa's top safari experiences that should make your summer bucket list.
8 January 2022

Best Time For Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Mountain gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda live in tropical rainforests at high altitudes where weather highly determines tourism activities. The best time for gorilla trekking is during the dry seasons, when less rain is likely to disrupt your charming moment with the forest giants.
4 January 2022

Kazinga Channel – Hippo Hotspot For Best Boat Cruise Safaris in Uganda

of Africa, on the rift valley floor joining lakes, Edward and George is the 915-meter wide, 36-kilometer waterway called Kazinga Channel—a gentle river bisecting Queen Elizabeth National Park known to host the highest concentration of hippos worldwide.
31 December 2021

Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda, Trip Planning Guide

Golden monkey trekking or hiking the Virunga mountains to see golden monkeys in the wild is a popular tourist activity on gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Here's vital information you'll need to plan the activity.
28 December 2021

How Gorilla Trekking Compares With Chimpanzee Tracking

Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking experiences are two of the most extraordinary safari adventures in tropical Africa. Adventures into the African rainforests to see gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild are exceptional authentic experiences.
25 December 2021

Valuable Tips On Planning A Family Safari Holiday

From a very early age, children are fascinated by wild animals, and that's why animated stories with animals get more screenplay in our living rooms and on our iPads. A family safari vacation in Africa's natural habitats will enthral the children and give lasting memories vital in saving our future dying natural world. This is what you need to know before you start planning you once-in-a-lifetime vacation.
27 November 2021

Gorilla Trekking Costs in Uganda For 2023

The price of a gorilla permit, which makes up seventy per cent of the gorilla safari cost, is the most affordable in the region, considering it’s the most scarce item in planning a gorilla trip. Uganda offers more than 160 gorilla trekking tickets per day (double Rwanda’s), yet most travellers have to book months in advance to acquire the permit.
27 November 2021

Is it Safe to Travel to Uganda in 2023

Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Generally, Uganda is safe for travel—however, the below is meant for travelers exploring a post-pandemic world. Otherwise this guide to Uganda safety, which covers everything from the coronavirus to what solo travelers should keep in mind.
25 October 2021

FAQs About Traveling to Uganda in the Wake of COVID-19

Must-know Uganda Covid Travel Restrictions As COVID-19 infections subside across the country, the Ministry of Health has eased some travel restrictions to allow to create a […]
15 October 2021

Why Choose a Local Tour Operator For Safari in East Africa

Safaris in East Africa, unlike big-city tours, require that you hire the services of a local tour operator to take care of the challenging local logistics and manage your entire journey. This guide will give you reasons why you should choose a local outfitter for a relaxed adventure experience. 
7 October 2021

The Best Places To See Chimpanzees in The Wild

Best adventures into the African rainforests to see chimpanzees in the wild are in Uganda's Kibale forest, Mahale, Gombe Stream, and Nyungwe. Explore these places in this post.
25 September 2021

Best Places To See Wild Gorillas in Africa

Your best adventures to see wild gorillas in Africa are in Uganda & Rwanda: they have excellent tourism infrastructure for gorilla trekking.
13 September 2021

Why You Should Trek Gorillas in Uganda

Trekking Gorillas in Uganda and standing ten meters across the most famous of all Africa’s beasts, the showstopper on the primate parade in forested mountain slopes of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park will leave you breathless with excitement and exertion.
9 September 2021

The Shoebill: Watching Africa’s Greatest Bird Species in Uganda

The Shoebill (aka Whale-head, aka shoe-billed Stork, aka Balaeniceps rex) is a large wading waterbird that stalks the marshes of tropical East Africa in South Sudan and Uganda. It stalks along the swampy Nile River and Lake Victoria shores, snatching up prey with its unique, immediately recognizable bills. 
8 September 2021

A Restorative Safari Vacation in Southwestern Uganda

If ever there were a time for a restorative journey, it’s now. The pandemic has taken lives and slaughtered our spirits. There’s a gloomy cloud hovering over our collective sadness, uncertainty, and anxiety across the world.
6 September 2021

Places in Uganda You Can Fly To on Your Safari Trip

A fly-in Uganda safari will appeal to travelers who not only want to get from the vibrant, thrumming city energy to the heart of the destination’s wilderness parks faster than a four-by-four cruiser but also marvel at the Pearl of Africa’s vast and magnificent landscapes views from above. 
1 September 2021

Planning Guided Safari Game Drives in Uganda

A guided safari game drive in Uganda and any other destination in Africa is basically driving through a savannah park in a four-by-four safari vehicle, guided by an expert local guide, viewing wild animals. A game drive highlights any classic Africa safari taking you deep into the natural wilderness and getting you closer to the big and small animals within the protected confines of a 4x4 truck.
30 August 2021

Kidepo Valley National Park’s Rugged Remote Wilderness

Kidepo Valley National Park, a classic Africa wilderness, is Uganda’s remotest safari destination, sitting in the extreme northeastern corner, contingent with Kidepo Game Reserve in South Sudan. The one thousand two hundred square kilometers attraction is covered in intriguing semi-arid wilderness, rugged mountain landscapes with seasonal rivers creating an enchanting sanctuary for wildlife game viewing and birdwatching.
27 August 2021

Boat Cruise Safari at Lake Mburo National Park

You know how insanely tiring the route to gorilla highlands in southwestern Uganda can be. Then you must want to break the journey equally between Entebbe International Airport and Bwindi with a boat cruise safari at Lake Mburo and a quintessential night in Uganda’s tiniest national park.
16 May 2021

Is Uganda Good For Safari?

Compared to its East African counterparts, Uganda is relatively good for safari. Although it may not match the sheer numbers of savannah wildlife in pioneer safari destinations like Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda offers a more varied safari experience.
11 May 2021

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda — A Guide To See Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a once-in-a-lifetime journey to see the incredible mountain gorillas of central Africa's rainforests on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains and in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
1 May 2021

What To Expect on Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a unique Africa safari destination compared to its eastern counterparts. On your Uganda safari holiday, you should expect a more varied landscape from the savannah plains to the rugged western region filled with various game, primates, and unique bird species.
15 March 2021

Discounted Gorilla Permits For 2022

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) currently does not offer discounted gorilla permits for 2022. UWA last published promotional rates and discounted permits was in December 2020, extending to June 30, 2021. We assume the discounts were triggered by the travel slump brought by the pandemic.
27 February 2021

Mountain Gorilla Habituation in Bwindi

Mountain gorilla habituation experience in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest allows travelers to get within a few feet of a wild gorilla family and spend at least four hours with them in their natural habitat, escorted by primatologists, researchers and rangers.
23 February 2021

The History of Gorilla Tourism in Africa

During the 1970-80 decade, the history of mountain gorillas mainly was about controlling poaching and counting the number of gorillas. In 1973 the first gorilla trekking experience was introduced.
12 February 2021

African Wild Valentine: Love and affection in the animal kingdom

For many people feeling like their bond is extraordinary, the 14th of February is a special day to celebrate their bond. Down here in the East African wild, some animals celebrate Valentine’s day every chance they get. We look at some wild animals you may encounter on your safari trip that celebrate wild Valentine in the most interesting way. From the jungle’s ferocious kings to the insignificant savannah birds, an animal is celebrating a union of souls somewhere in the animal kingdom.
18 December 2020

Value of a Private, Custom Safari

What is a private or custom safari? A private, custom safari is a meticulously planned tour tailor-made, with you, to suit your particular travel style, avoiding your dislikes. Compared to a group safari that is already planned and priced for you, a tailor-made safari requires your involvement with an expert to put together and squeeze maximum value. If you're booking directly with a local expert like Nkuringo Safaris, emails and phone calls will be exchanged back and forth from the start till you get the destinations, attractions, accommodation, transportation, and meals right. Private safaris are more engaging, and the planning process can be a great experience for the traveler.
17 December 2020

Best 5 East Africa Safaris For First-Timers

If it is your first time planning an Africa safari vacation, East Africa, the pioneer safari destination, is a great choice for first-timers. If you’ve never been to Africa before, you have so much to look forward to. East Africa offers the most leisurely introduction to the continent for first-time travelers, and it has the wildlife, scenery, ambiance, and expertise to show for it. East Africa is the eastern region of the African continent. It includes safari heavyweights like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar and Seychelles.
21 September 2020

How to Make Sure Your Safari Lodge Room Is Clean

Because the Covid pandemic has changed the face of leisure travel, safari lodges and hotels are monitored to follow strict operating standards to keep guests protected from coronavirus by cleaning their safari lodge rooms thoroughly. It’s nice to have someone fold up your towels and make your bed while you’re out exploring the African savannah, but in terms of sanitization, a neatly made bed does not equal a clean safari lodge room.
4 September 2020

The Uganda Gorilla Baby Boom in Bwindi

7 baby gorillas have been born in 2020 so far, compared to just 3 in the whole of 2019 leading to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to declare a “baby boom” in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. What does Uganda's gorilla baby boom in Bwindi mean to the population of mountain gorillas in East African jungles & gorilla trekking tourism.
24 August 2020

Kibale National Park

ibale National Park is a beautiful slice of nature, quite literally a modern-day Garden of Eden. Preserved as Uganda’s premier chimpanzee tracking destination, Kibale National Park protects 766km² of predominantly forested habitat that extends more than 50 km (31 mi) south from the main Fort Portal–Kampala Road to the northeast border of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
19 August 2020

Uganda’s Most Popular Destinations on Instagram

‘If it isn’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen!’ From breakfast to bungee jumping, coffee to cats and elephants to everything in between – we share all on Instagram. For many, the first thing we do with a photo, video or live experience is to share it on ‘the gram’, whether we document the moment to reminisce in the future or gain some social “clout” we do document and we do it a lot.
13 August 2020

Climate and Weather Throughout The Year in Rwanda

Knowledge of the climate and weather throughout the year in Rwanda is essential to planning a perfect vacation in this small landlocked country located in the East African zone. The country is fumbled between giant East African destinations like Tanzania and Uganda and is bordered by Burundi in the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.
10 August 2020

Why Visit Uganda Next in 2023

We love East Africa's untethered natural wonders. The people are friendly, the food is warm and the weather is wonderfully tropical. Visit Uganda for more than just the mountain giants in it's rainforest jungle. Uganda is a friendly East African nation with a rich natural diversity, diverse landscapes and it deserves to make your 2020/21 Africa travel bucket list.
10 August 2020

Uganda Wildlife Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures for tourism services and research activities in Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) estates and the reopening of Uganda’s protected areas to the general public during COVID-19 pandemic.
1 August 2020

#Ride4Rangers, Protect Africa’s Wildlife

When times are tough - and indeed they are incredibly tough right now – our tourism industry really does pull together in the spirit of “Ubuntu” (community) to help those in dire need. All across Africa, lodge and hotel owners like us – many with little or no income themselves – are trying their best to ensure their staff are looked after - and that the local rural communities are getting food parcels to keep the wolves at bay.
30 July 2020

Rafiki Gorilla Gets Justice

The best news coming to the Uganda wildlife conservation efforts and the tourism sector is that the most loved silverback mountain gorilla Rafiki can finally rest in peace, thanks to the 2019 Uganda Wildlife Act and the Kabale Chief Magistrate's Court. On July 30, 2020 the court sentenced Byamukama Felix to 11 years in prison for killing Rafiki the Silverback of Nkuringo Gorilla group and other wildlife in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, according the UWA press release.
5 July 2020

Protecting gorillas and chimpanzees from COVID-19 in Uganda

The mind boggling question is how to keep the most precious African apes protected from the most dangerous scourge in modern history, Covid-19. With mountain gorilla numbers growing steadily at 1064 individuals and still listed as endangered on the ICUN red list, answers to that question are vital to the continued existence of our cousins. Uganda's rangers, researchers and guides have been briefed, they are ready to protect our African jungle jewels.
3 June 2020

The Mountain Gorilla Tour

The mountain gorilla tour is a popular Africa safari excursion in the jungles of eastern Africa rainforest. This African jungle experience has been picked up by overwhelming numbers of travelers that want to catch a glimpse and maybe spend 1-4 hours with the rare and endangered mountain giants in their natural habitat because the mountain gorilla can not survive anywhere outside the east and central African region.
2 June 2020

Best Places To See Lions in Uganda

The African lion is one of the most sought animal on Africa safari but where is the best place to see lions in Uganda. It inhabits grasslands and savannas, but is absent in dense forests. It is usually more diurnal than other carnivore big cats. We explore those places and more.
4 July 2019

8 Reasons Uganda Should Be On Your Bucket List

8 Reasons Uganda Should Be On Your Bucket List Maybe you think you have the most astonishing bucket list. If visiting Uganda is not on that […]
10 April 2019

Facts About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are fascinating animal species that live an elusive life. Not many people get to observe them in their natural habitat, and this means very […]
14 March 2019

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Previously referred to as the ‘Rwenzori Range,’ the Rwenzori Mountains are a mountain range situated in Eastern Equatorial Africa. They are along […]
1 March 2019

7 Things To Do In Kampala

Kampala is the shiny jewel of East Africa. Despite being the capital and the largest city of Uganda, Kampala has some fantastic twists to it. The […]
7 January 2019

Facts About Uganda You Should Know

For a traveler visiting the country, there are important facts about Uganda you should know to help you plan your safari journey with confidence, and that’s […]
14 November 2018

Introducing Gorilla Families in Uganda

Gorilla Families Found in Uganda Uganda currently (2021) has 20 gorilla families available for tourism. 19 of the gorilla groups are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National […]
20 July 2018

Basic Facts About Uganda for Travellers

Basic Facts About Uganda For Anyone Planning a Uganda Safari We compiled a list of basic facts about Uganda that will interest every traveler planning an […]
9 July 2018

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda vs. Rwanda

Comparing gorilla trekking in Uganda vs. Rwanda. Comparing Gorilla Trekking in Uganda vs. Rwanda, where should you go tracking the mountain gorillas? Which country offers a […]
3 April 2016

Climbing Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo is an active stratovolcano with an elevation of 3470 m (11382 ft) in the Virunga Mountains associated with the Albertine Rift. It is located […]
22 February 2016

The Gorilla Habituation Experience

Uganda Wildlife Authority conducts gorilla habituation experiences in the Rushaga region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Tourists can trek with researchers to experience how mountain gorillas […]
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