8 Reasons Uganda Should Be On Your Bucket List

Maybe you think you have the coolest bucket list. If visiting Uganda is not on that list, I am sorry to disappoint you. Your list may not be as awesome as you think. This is one African country you do not want to miss. It has everything for an epic adventure. A walk in the tropics? Check. A lovely lake? Check. Exotic wildlife? Double-check. Let’s look at why you should visit this beautiful country.

Murchison Falls

Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe the sight of this natural wonder. These falls are a true testimony to the untold power of water. Being one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, these falls are created by the great River Nile as it pushes its way through a narrow gap before crashing down a 43-meter drop into Lake Albert.

Not only does the water feel powerful but also the view is to die for. The rainbows formed and the colourful tropical birds around the falls will have you flashing your camera wildly. This magnificent spectacle is located in north-western Uganda so be sure to take that bus from Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

Gorilla tracking

Home to one of the planet’s most intriguing ape family, the mountain gorillas, the country boasts of several families of gorillas. You can easily wade through the tropical forest as you track down and spend time with the gorillas while on a gorilla trek. You can get a gorilla trekking permit for only $600 in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This allows you to spend one hour with the animals.

The best time for a good gorilla trek is between June and September. You can also admire the sheer beauty of the land as it unfolds its lush green landscape before your eyes. An adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Are you a fan of the Big Five? There is no better place to spot them in their natural habitat than this Queen Elizabeth National Park. Teeming with all kinds of wildlife and habitats, get in touch with nature at its best. Whether it’s a tree-climbing lion or a herd of elephants, this park has it all. The park also has exotic wildlife that is perfect for photos.

You can go on various safaris, lake cruises and even hot balloon rides. Enjoy watching a herd of gazelles grazing as you float above them. You can also take the Lake Katwe Explosion Crater Drive to see some of nature’s unique landmarks.

lion cub, Queen Elizabeth national park

Lion, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

You might also want to take a trip north of Kampala to Nakasongola to see the country’s wild rhinos. You can also go on scenic nature walks, trekking tours and canoe cruises. If you’re a fan of bird watching, the sanctuary hosts over 250 different species of birds.

Lake Victoria

A trip to Uganda is never complete without a visit to the largest lake in the continent. It is truly a lake fit for a queen and is the birthplace of the longest river in the world, River Nile. It supports one of the world’s largest ecosystem.

There is so much to see, from the breath-taking Ssese Islands to scenic mountain views, exotic flora and fauna. You can also get your adrenaline running at the nearby colonial town, Jinja, with some quad biking, mountain biking and white water rafting.

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Lake Victoria


Kampala, otherwise known as the City of Seven Hills, also has its fair share of places to explore. Get a souvenir from the colourful Owino Market or visit the Rubaga Cathedral. You could also learn about Ugandan royalty in the Kabaka’s palace.

If you want to see Africa’s most poisonous snake, a visit to the Uganda Reptile Village will quench your thirst for adventure. You can enjoy the local culture at Nedere Centre. The town has a hot climate with temperatures ranging from 16-28 degrees Celsius throughout the year making it perfect when you want to escape the winter cold.

The Equator

How many times can you be in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the same time? You can always straddle the equator at Kayabwe in Mpigi District. There are also cool souvenir shops and restaurants in the area to make sure you don’t forget your time at the equator.

Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains, Photo credit: Jorn Eriksson

Hiking the Rwenzori

If you like testing your limits, then hiking these ranges should be the challenge you have been looking for. Holding three of Africa’s five highest peals, the Rwenzori Mountains are the perfect addition to your bucket list. They feature uncrowded routes and lush green high-altitude forests which will make your hiking adventure even more enjoyable.

Uganda is a beautiful adventure-filled country that will blow your mind. The people are so welcoming and helpful. That said, why not book a flight now and start checking things off your bucket list?

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