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3rd February 2020
visit uganda in 2020

Why you should visit Uganda in 2020

Visit Uganda in 2020 Have an amazing Uganda experience Feeling the need to travel the world happens to almost all of us. At some point in […]
4th December 2019
rwanda weather

Climate and Weather throughout the year in Rwanda

Weather in Rwanda: What to Expect Rwanda is a small landlocked country located in the heart of Africa. The country is bordered by four countries; Tanzania, […]
30th November 2019

Is it Safe to Travel to Uganda in 2020

Is Uganda safe to travel in 2020? Is it safe to travel to Uganda? In short, yes! But let’s delve a little deeper… At the end […]
22nd August 2019
Virunga Vulkane, Nkuringo, Uganda

Uganda’s Most Instagrammable Destinations

‘If it isn’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen!’ From breakfast to bungee jumping, coffee to cats and elephants to everything in between – we share all […]
4th July 2019
Uganda Lake

8 Reasons Uganda Should Be On Your Bucket List

8 Reasons Uganda Should Be On Your Bucket List Maybe you think you have the coolest bucket list. If visiting Uganda is not on that list, […]