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10th April 2019
gorilla, rwanda

Everything you need to know about mountain gorillas

Everything you need to know about mountain gorillas Mountain gorillas are a fascinating animal species that live an elusive life. Not many people get to observe […]
14th March 2019

The Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Previously referred to as the ‘Rwenzori Range’, the Rwenzori Mountains are a mountain range situated in Eastern Equatorial Africa. They are located […]
1st March 2019

7 Things To Do In Kampala

Things to do in Kampala Kampala is the shiny jewel of East Africa. Despite being the capital and the largest city of Uganda, Kampala has some […]
15th February 2019
13 Days Best of Rwanda Adventure Safari

Travel Safety in Rwanda

Is it safe to travel in Rwanda? When you mention Rwanda to most people, they think of it as a highly dangerous place. Their first memory […]
7th January 2019
Lake, Uganda

Things to know before visiting Uganda

Things to know before you visit Uganda The information provided will help you get ready for an adventurous, enjoyable and memorable Ugandan safari experience. Uganda, a […]