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26 March 2023

Is Uganda Safe To Visit in 2023?

Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Generally, Uganda is safe for travel—however, the below is meant for travelers exploring a post-pandemic world. Otherwise this guide to Uganda safety, which covers everything from the coronavirus to what solo travelers should keep in mind.
1 March 2023

What is the average cost of a gorilla trekking tour in 2023?

The price of the tracking permit greatly determines the average cost of a gorilla trekking tour. In Uganda, it's $700, and in Rwanda $1500 per person. Other factors like accommodation, meals, and transport bring the average trip cost to about $490 per person daily, staying in a comfortable lodge with all meals. Find out more details in the post.
5 January 2023

What to Do When Your Safari Accommodation Is Unacceptable

If you've been on Africa safari more than once, you must have come across a safari lodge room that doesn't meet your needs. Either it's not clean or noisy, or some of the room's safety features need to be fixed. Finding yourself in these situations is certainly disappointing, particularly after a long day of traveling. We explore some helpful tips for when and how to deal with lousy African safari accommodation.
20 December 2022

Meeting The Mythical Mountain Gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi

Meeting the mythical mountain gorillas in Uganda's Impenetrable Forest on a gorilla trekking excursion is one of my life's most exhilarating experiences that changed everything I knew about the great apes in Africa. Here is my detailed account of the whole experience.
16 December 2022

Plan Your Next African Safari Tour With These Great Tips

Everyone deserves a break once in a while. The ultimate holiday can involve an unforgettable Africa Safari journey to experience the continent's plethora of natural beauty first-hand. However, planning a trip can be challenging and usually involves many factors to consider, especially for first-timers. Here are some great tips from an expert holiday planner for an awesome holiday journey.
12 December 2022

10 Facts About Silverback Mountain Gorillas

The silverbacks are male gorillas that develop a silver coat on their backs as they age (at about 15 years old). Mountain gorillas live in patriarchal groups, and the silverback heads the family, with several females (usually related) and young ones. The great apes' social lives can be related to primitive human families. Here's our list of 10 other facts about silverback mountain gorillas that you will find fascinating.
2 December 2022

Best places in East Africa to watch lions in the wild

Historically, we have admired African lions as symbols of tenacity, courage and power. These iconic beasts have powerful bodies—in the cat family, they're second in size only to tigers—and roars that can reverberate five miles away. Here are the best places to see lions in East Africa.
27 November 2022

Birding in Uganda

It isn’t only the sheer number of bird species documented within Uganda’s boundaries that makes it a paradise for birders. It is easy to admit to the numerous bird-rich territories that are often complicated to get to in other countries.
3 November 2022

Top Safari Lodges in Uganda

We shuffle through our collection of Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda to select out the best accommodation properties for your summer vacation in the pearl of Africa. We hope that this a-list will inspire your adventure travels as you get back out into the world.
2 November 2022

How to Have a Sustainable Hiking Trip in Uganda

Sustainable tourism is essential for the preservation of local communities and their culture and the environment. Following sustainable principles reduces human activity's impact on the Earth's environment and natural resources.
1 November 2022

Essential Kenya Travel Information Every Tourist Must Know

Essential travel information every tourist must know when visiting Kenya for the first time, including currency, health, the people, shopping, climate, security, visa, and health precautions.
22 October 2022

Where to go on safari in East Africa

East Africa’s breathtaking landmarks are just enough to lure you in for a lifetime holiday. But how do you choose where to go for your first-time safari? Here's how to select.
Is Uganda Safe To Visit in 2023?
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