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Who is Nkuringo Safaris? About us

Yes, Africa is our home — we’re fortunate to call it that — and we’re thrilled to share it with our guests. In 2007, we setup a camp in Nkuringo in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable NP that has gracefully grown into a multi award winning luxury safari lodge in Uganda. The camp couldn’t survive in the middle of the jungle without travellers, so we put together a team of local guides and set up Nkuringo Walking Safaris to take travellers to experience our creation and beyond. And we began and built our company here in the beautiful land of East Africa. So you see, when you travel with Nkuringo you’re travelling with more than just a company — you’re travelling with a family of ardent travellers.

— Lydia Nandudu, Co-Founder & CEO

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With Nkuringo, Africa is Within Your Reach

True adventures go beyond incredible destinations or inclusive packages. Nkuringo delivers a sense of possibility across Uganda, Rwanda and a little bit of Kenya and Tanzania. Open-spaces, sunshine and fresh air is an excellent environment for avoiding COVID-19, making an Africa safari one of the best leisure travel activities at this time—health and safety from COVID-19 are at the forefront of our safari operations.

Since 2007, we have been sharing our love of leisure travel in Africa. Today our travel collection features comprehensive guided safaris, gorilla trekking tours, boat cruises, small group tours, family trips, coastal beach holidays and more. With Nkuringo, wake each morning on safari with a new experience in front of you, and when your head hits the pillow, you will know it has been an amazing day. Best of all – we seamlessly handle the details. All you have to do is experience the adventure!

Our Story

It was August 2007, on a research trip to the town of Kisoro, that Lydia and Robert were attracted to explore the Nteko Ridge on the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This was Lydia’s first visit to Nkuringo village. At the time it was a 4 hour – 39km drive from Kisoro on an overwhelmingly poor road, today the same journey can be made in an hour and a half, however we recommend hiking from Kisoro and canoeing across Lake Mutanda as this gives an immersive experience of authentic Africa.

In 2007 a simple campsite existed at Nkuringo known as Nkuringo Campsite, however business was non-existent.  This is when Robert Brierley co-founder of Nkuringo Walking Safaris had his fantastic idea. He suggested setting up walking trails between Kisoro and Nkuringo and through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, connecting 17 kilometres from Nkuringo with Buhoma. These jungle hikes opened up Nkuringo to visitors and exported a raw experience of this African jungle across the world.

This was virgin territory with nonexistent communications and road networks. In 2008, the late Robert Brierley and Lydia Nandudu partnered with Asigario (a local native and former UWA ranger and guide), each bringing a different skill to the table, developed a collection of unique, exciting and challenging walking safaris that curved out our first brand Nkuringo Walking Safaris.

As the number of travellers that wanted to taste our offer grew bigger, they needed somewhere to sleep irrespective of how simple the accommodation was. By purchasing a building adjacent to the campsite and securing a long lease on a portion of the campsite it allowed Nkuringo Walking Safaris to grow by developing our own accommodation facility. Nkuringo Campsite was born. Even though the original campsite has grown into an multi-award winning luxury lodge, Nkuringo Mountain Gorilla Lodge, the original ethos of helping the local community thrive has not changed.

With an ever growing number of travellers with Nkuringo Walking Safaris, and the thirst for classic Africa Safaris in the golden savannas of east Africa, our trips extended to cover Uganda’s incredible attractions, crossing the border into Rwanda’s travel gems and the big Africa destinations, Kenya and Tanzania. Our success story is one crafted by our customers for over decade and that we care about the emotional experience each one of traveller gets served on any of our trips.

Robert Brierley

Robert Brierley passed on in March 2014 at the point of the big transformation from just a walking safari into an authentic Africa safari operator. We believe he smiles down on the team he left behind as we continue to create unforgettable memories of Africa with our travellers.

Nkuringo Safari Guides and Vehicles
Nkuringo Safari Guides
About us, Nkuringo Safaris Uganda

Nkuringo Team Staff

At Nkuringo, our team of caring professionals believes that travel is vital to a life well-lived, and they come to work every day focused on making something special happen for our guests. Our employees are passionate about delivering extraordinary Africa Safari experiences that enhance the lives of our travellers and enrich the communities where we give back. With their shared sense of social responsibility, commitment and innovative spirit, our employees draw on a diverse set of skills, traveling Africa themselves, to bring you the best experience possible.

The Leadership Team

Setting the stage and leading the Nkuringo workforce is a team of trusted industry leaders who draw on their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure our travel partners and guests experience the best the Africa has to offer. Led by Lydia Nandudu, Nkuringo team will continue to show you Africa, it’s our history, our unwavering values, and our dynamic team of employees who pave the way.

Lydia Nandudu, CEO Nkuringo Safaris Ltd

Lydia Nandudu Mpanga

Co-Founder, CEO
Jackie Sato

Jackie Sato

Chief Operations Officer


Herbert Baguma

Chief Marketing Officer


Ethel Kimbowa

Sales Manager


Cathy Nabbaale

Safari Consultant

Diana Nalubega

Diana Nalubega

Reservations Officer

Moreen Tumushabe

Moreen Tumushabe

Reservations Officer

Ashraf Mazrui

Ashraf Mazrui

Fleet Manager


Patrick Waduwa

Senior Guide

Jackson Twerebere

Jackson Twerebere

Senior Guide

Why Nkuringo Safari Reason

How does a luxury safari company amaze and excel for more than 15 years? By a cheerfully relentless dedication to service and innovation… one of the reasons why our guests say that we treat them like a well-loved family. Those familial values inspire the many Nkuringo Differences.

Batwa People

Nkuringo Safaris represents “thirteen years of refining our craft,” adds managing director Lydia Nandudu. “For us, Africa safari is very personal. We want our travellers to see it through our eyes, through the eyes of Africans. We try and show it to you as though you’re members of our family. And simply by booking a safari with us, you help a family of Batwa tribe in Nkuringo Village.”

More Reasons Why …

Travelling responsibly is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. We believe that travel should be a force for good and by uniting with our employees, partners and travellers, we can make a positive impact in our local and global communities.

Responsible Travel Policy

Responsible Travel

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