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Where to stay around Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah reserve in Uganda—a top-rated night-over stop on safari itineraries driving southwest to trek gorillas in the rainforest highlands. Accommodation choices in and around Lake Mburo National Park are as meager as the size of the park. However, expect to get an exclusive stay from three of the most popular facilities, Mihingo, Rwakobo Rock, and Eagle’s Nest.

Lake Mburo lacks African safari heavyweights like elephant and lion, that why it still falls short of a variety of lodging options and thus the low number of tourists it attracts. Despite its shortfall, this tiny park still promises excellent game viewing. You’re as likely to see as many different savannah species over a day as you would in any Uganda savannah national park.

Stay For These Activities

Although game drives would be a common choice, Lake Mburo National Park’s savannah plains offer premier wildlife viewing on foot, horseback, quad bike, or just riding a bicycle.

Visitors can go on a two-hour quad biking safari from Mantana Tented Camp and explore the Eland Track or take the four-hour Ruroko circuit. It’s one of the most exciting activities in the savannah park run by All Terrain Adventures.

Mihingo Lodge runs horseback safaris in the east of the park — an exclusive Uganda safari activity only in Lake Mburo National Park. The whole experience is tailored to your requirements, and even the kids can ride ponies on this one.

A boat safari leaves the jetty 1km from Rwonyo Camp. In addition to the attractive scenery and simple pleasure attached to being out on the water, the boat safari will bring guests the closest to hippo, crocodile, buffalo, waterbuck, and bushbuck along the lake shores.

The quality of game viewing along these tracks is unpredictable. However, particularly during the wet season, guests will see substantial concentrations of impala, zebra, waterbuck, topi, and buffalo about 2km from Rwonyo in the park. Take a morning or late evening game drive from the lodge to catch the first or last action of the park’s wilderness drama.

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Wildlife Viewing

A big population of impala roams the park’s savannah plains, the only park in Uganda to support these beautiful antelope. Apart from Pian Upe and Kidepo Valley, Mburo is the only place to see Burchell’s zebra on a Uganda safari.

The park is fringed with topi, bushbuck, common duiker, oribi, defassa waterbuck, and Bohor reedbuck herds: quite a sight to see. In addition, the lake and shore vegetation support healthy populations of buffalo, warthog, bushpig, and hippopotamus.

At dusk or dawn, visitors to any of Mburo’s accommodation outposts are occasionally rewarded with leopard, side-striped jackal, and various smaller predators sighting: most visibly are the white-tailed mongoose.

Birders will find Lake Mburo National Park very fascinating, with 315 bird species recorded around the area. Of particular interest to birders are the swamps where six papyrus endemics are resident, including the brilliantly colored papyrus gonolek, the striking blue-headed coucal, the highly localized white-winged, and papyrus yellow warblers; recorded nowhere else in Uganda.

How To Get There

Tourists can connect to Lake Mburo National Park using one of the two access roads from the main Mbarara-Masaka highway. The Sanga gate northern park access road, 37km east of Mbarara, coming from western Uganda and branching off to the south, is the easiest of the two.

Driving from Kampala, it’s easier to use the road branching south, to the northeast of the park, from the 50 km marker for Mbarara, about 20 km past Lyantonde town. The drive from Kampala to Lake Mburo is about four to five hours.

The access roads from the highway are both dirt and rough, which may require a 4×4 vehicle during the wet seasons. It may take about an hour’s drive between the highway and your Lake Mburo Accommodation of choice.

Why Book With Nkuringo

When you book a Uganda safari and chose to stay in Lake Mburo National Park, Nkuringo Safaris offers you a better room rate than the one advertised by the property. Our Uganda safari itineraries take advantage of the partnership we have with these lodging properties so that our guests can extend their stay or extend their journeys to other attractions.

Book accommodation in Lake Mburo with Nkuringo safaris and take advantage of our partnership rates, expert local knowledge curved since 2007, and the streak of successful journeys that we’re known for.

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These are our partner accommodation properties around Lake Mburo National Park that we can guarantee great offers on room prices.

Mihingo safari lodge in Lake Mburo NAtional Park


Luxury Tented Lodge
USD 175 pp/fb

Rwakobo rock Lodge


USD 155 pp/fb

Mburo Eagle’s Nest


Budget Camp
USD 90 pp/fb


Our Uganda safari experiences in Lake Mburo National Park are entirely customizable with the help of an expert safari planner. We include exquisite Lake Mburo Accommodation properties we’ve partnered with to offer great room rates.

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