101 Africa Safari Quotes To Inspire Your Wanderlust

This compilation captures the magic of an African safari through 101 quotes that encapsulate its beauty, unpredictability, and spiritual allure. Revered figures and proverbs describe the continent’s unspoiled nature and cultural richness, igniting a wanderlust for its timeless landscapes and wildlife.

101 inspirational quotes about Africa Safari that will ignite the wanderlust in you.

An Africa safari is one of those holiday journeys that most people get to experience once in a lifetime. The adventure into pristine and untamed wonderlands promises memories to last a lifetime. If you’ve been on an African expedition before, you know what I’m talking about.

This compilation of 101 quotes about Africa Safari captures the adventure, mystery, and beauty that await travelers amidst Africa’s wild lands. From the raw power of its wildlife to the vast serenity of its landscapes, each quote invites you to witness the continent’s soul-stirring magic. From historical figures to anonymous sayings, these reflections highlight the transformative experiences and wisdom found only in Africa’s wilderness, aiming to fuel the wanderlust of those who dream of such an expedition.

1. “The only thing predictable about Africa is its unpredictability.” – Brian Jackman

2. “Africa is mystic; it is wild; it is a sweltering inferno; it is a photographer’s paradise, a hunter’s Valhalla, an escapist’s Utopia.” – Beryl Markham

3. “In Africa, you have space…there is a profound sense of space here, space and sky.” – Thabo Mbeki

4. “A journey into the wilderness is the freest, cheapest, most non-privileged of pleasures. Anyone with two legs and the price of a pair of army surplus boots may enter.” – Paul Theroux

5. “There is no place like Africa. There is something about the spirit of the people, the beauty of the land, and the diversity of the wildlife that touches the soul.” – Tony Fitzjohn

6. “So that even now, if you went to Africa for a few weeks, and looked at the stars in the high veldt or the real bush and felt the true wilderness, if you knew, really knew, that you could never come again, then it would be something more than a safari. Then it would be the thing that has not happened in the world, the thing that has been going on, that was being saved up, that was drawing itself together, and would now be done.” – Ernest Hemingway, The Green Hills of Africa

7. “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” – Karen Blixen

8. “Africa – You can see a sunset and believe you have witnessed the Hand of God. You watch the slope lope of a lioness and forget to breathe.” – Leigh Brackett

9. “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.” – Ernest Hemingway

10. “Safari is about the beauty of the land, the thrill of the chase, and the spirit of adventure woven into the fabric of the African landscape.” – Romi Boom

11. “Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.” – Miriam Makeba

12. “There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.” – Karen Blixen

13. “Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on Earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same.” – Brian Jackman

Safari on the savannah of with wildebeests, one of the most inspiring sights in Africa

14. “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” – Richard Mullin

15. “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” – African Proverb

16. “No other country has such a variety of big game as East Africa, and certainly no other part of Africa can compare with it in the beauty of the scenery.” – Theodore Roosevelt

17. “The intelligence of the gorilla is evident in its eyes, its gentle, thoughtful expression. They are capable of empathy, compassion, and complex social interactions.” – Dian Fossey, primatologist and gorilla conservationist.

18. “The vastness of the African wilderness humbles you, reminding you of your place in the grand canvas of life. Here, amidst the towering trees and endless plains, one feels an acute awareness of our connection to the natural world.” – Peter Matthiessen

19. “Watching gorillas interact – grooming each other, playing with their young, communicating through vocalizations and touch – is a window into their rich emotional lives.” – Jane Goodall, primatologist and chimpanzee expert

Dian Fossey interacting with gorillas in Rwanda

20. “By the time I had finished the night’s work, day was breaking, and the full beauty of the spot was revealed. The grey dawn had now developed into a lovely tropical sunrise, and the whole air was filled with the mingled fragrance of the flowers and the dew-soaked grass.” – Lt. Col. J.H. Patterson

21. “The night was perfectly still, and the only sounds to be heard were the dismal flittings of the bats, which circled in and out of the veranda, and the distant murmurs of the river.” – Lt. Col. J.H. Patterson

22. “In all my wanderings in Africa, I have ever found the natives, when properly treated, friendly and well-disposed. The worst deeds of cruelty and rapine of which I have had personal knowledge have, with very few exceptions, been perpetrated by white men, not by blacks.” – Frederick Courtney Selous

23. “There is a charm about the African wilds that grips the heart and will not let go. It is a charm that knows no season, that is potent alike under the fierce glare of the noonday sun and under the soft, mysterious light of the moon.” – Frederick Courtney Selous

24. “To truly understand Africa, you must go beyond the tourist trails and venture into the heart of the wilderness. It’s in the quiet moments, observing the animals in their natural habitat, that the continent reveals its secrets.” – Unknown

25. “The fascination of Africa, once it has gripped a man, never leaves him. The spell of the sun-drenched plains, the mystery of the silent bush, the thunder of mighty rivers, the crashing of unseen game in the tangled depths of the forest – all these things are but the outward symptoms of the hidden magic that draws men back to her again and again.” – Frederick Courtney Selous

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26. “There is a certain kinship we share with gorillas, a reflection of our common ancestry and shared capacity for love, sorrow, and joy.” – Sigourney Weaver, actress and advocate for gorilla conservation

27. “The preservation of our big game in Africa is a question of vast importance, not only to the sportsmen of the world, but also to the natives themselves, whose existence in many districts is absolutely dependent upon it.” – Frederick Courtney Selous

28. “There is no experience quite like observing a gorilla family in their natural habitat. It is a humbling and awe-inspiring encounter. Their immense size and gentle nature evoke a sense of wonder and respect for the power and fragility of life. Witnessing their intelligence, playfulness, and social interactions offers a glimpse into the complex world of another sentient being.” – George Schaller, renowned American zoologist and conservationist.

29. “The fossils we find in Africa are like pages in a great book, telling us the story of how we became human.” – Louis Leakey

30. “In the vastness of the African wilderness, every tree, every blade of grass, and every creature tells a story of survival, adaptation, and the enduring spirit of the wild.” – Unknown

31. “Sunsets in the savanna explode in a kaleidoscope of colors, painting the sky with fiery oranges, deep purples, and molten gold. Each evening becomes a breathtaking masterpiece, a reminder of the inherent beauty of this land.” – Peter Matthiessen

32. “The silence of the African night is pregnant with the sounds of life – the chirping of insects, the distant roar of a lion, the haunting songs of nocturnal birds. It’s a symphony of the wild, a lullaby that speaks of nature’s timeless mystery.” – Peter Matthiessen

33. “Africa is a living laboratory of evolution, and its landscapes hold the secrets to our past and the clues to our future.” – Louis Leakey

Giant elephants of Ngorongoro, one of the best places to watch these giants

34. “To be in Africa is to be in the presence of giants – not just the majestic elephants and towering giraffes, but the towering spirits of resilience that have shaped the continent’s history.”

35. “In the eyes of a lion, there lies the wisdom of the ages, a gaze that pierces the soul and reminds us of the untamed essence that resides within us all.” – Unknown

36. “Africa is a mosaic of cultures, a sophisticated fabric woven with threads of diversity, each strand contributing to the vibrant and rich colors of the continent.”

37. “Though vast and diverse, Africa pulses with a single heartbeat, a rhythm of life that connects the sands of the Sahara to the lush rainforests, the ancient civilizations to the young, vibrant communities.” – Leo Africanus

38. “The vast plains of Africa stretch under a sky like an endless ocean, painted with stars by night and bathed in fiery gold by day. In this wilderness, silence reigns, broken only by the whispering wind and the song of unseen creatures.” – Leo Africanus

39. “Sunset paints the savannah in a thousand hues, each blaze of color whispering secrets of an ancient land. Here, beneath the watchful gaze of baobab giants, time slows and stories untold for centuries dance in the twilight.” – Leo Africanus

40. “Africans, forged in the crucible of sun and hardship, carry a spirit of indomitable joy. Their laughter rings in the air, their music speaks a language of resilience and hope, their stories echo the wisdom of generations past.”

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41. “In the eyes of an African child, one sees the spark of curiosity and the echo of ancient dreams. In their playful energy, there lies the promise of a future where Africa writes its own story, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.”

42. “There is a timeless quality to the African wilderness, a sense of peace and belonging that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world.” – Jane Goodall

43. “The sunrises and sunsets over the vast plains, the incredible diversity of wildlife, the vibrant cultures of the people – Africa is a tapestry of beauty and wonder that never ceases to amaze me.” – Jane Goodall

44. “There is a fascination about wild countries that, once it has seized a man, holds him captive. It grips him with its mysteries, its beauties, its dangers; it calls to him from afar, and whispers to him in the silence of the desert and the roar of the tempest.” – William Cotton Oswell

45. “In the silence of the African night, the stars become the lanterns that guide the nocturnal creatures, illuminating the mysteries of the dark with a celestial glow.”

46. “The man who knows Africa in all its moods and phases, and has loved it and lived in it, never afterwards looks upon the world with the same eyes as before. Its plains and its forests, its rivers and its deserts, its men and its beasts, have cast a spell upon him, and he walks through life remembering.” – William Cotton Oswell

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47. “The first time I saw a giraffe, I was speechless. It is unlike any other creature on Earth, a living paradox, a walking contradiction in terms. Its head, with its large, gentle eyes, is perched on a neck so long that it seems to be floating in the air, while its body, with its stilted legs and awkward gait, waddles along beneath like a forgotten toy. And paints the wide heavens with such glorious colors that the heart aches with a strange, sweet pain, and one feels that life would be well spent if one could but gaze forever upon such a scene.” – William Cotton Oswell

48. “There is a charm about the African wilds that grips the heart and will not let go. It is a charm that knows no season, that is potent alike under the fierce glare of the noonday sun and under the soft, mysterious light of the moon.” – Elspeth Huxley

49. “The earth hummed under the sun, the air shimmered like a mirage, and every leaf and twig seemed to be bursting with life.” – Elspeth Huxley

50. “One can no more separate the land from the people of Africa than one can separate the roots from the tree.” – Elspeth Huxley

51. “Africa is an empire where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, and every sunrise brings the promise of a new adventure, a new story waiting to unfold.”

52. “Africa had a way of coming back and simply covering everything up again. The dust, the heat, the smells, the immensity – it buried everything else under its overwhelming indifference.” – Paul Theroux

53. “Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it” – African Proverb

54. “Amidst Africa’s wilderness, I find myself truly alive. The rustling leaves, the distant roar, the chirping birds – all come together to create a melody that resonates with my soul.”

55. “Africa is not just a destination; it is a journey into the self, a pilgrimage where every step reveals a new facet of the traveler’s spirit and a deeper connection to the wild.”

56. “There are moments in life that leave you breathless and speechless. Watching the majestic herd of elephants gracefully moving across the golden African plains under the warm glow of the setting sun is a sight that ignites a primal sense of wonder and admiration in the depths of our souls.”

57. “In the African wilderness, the termite mounds tower high as architectural wonders, a testament to the innovativeness of nature and sophisticated ingenuity of the smallest creatures on earth.”

58. “When I encountered the African rhinoceros, everything else faded away, and I was humbled by the grandeur of the animal before me.” – Isak Dinesen

59. “The diversity of Africa’s ecosystem is a treasure trove of evolutionary marvels, a testament to the ingenuity of life in adapting to its surroundings.” – David Attenborough

60. “To truly understand Africa, you must listen to its stories, hear its songs, and feel the rhythm of its drums.”

61. “Africa is not a land of stereotypes or simplifications. It is a continent of immense richness, diversity, and potential.” – Elspeth Huxley

62. “The Great Rift Valley lies under the sun like a long, sinuous, glittering snake, basking in its golden warmth. The world of Africa has a strange stillness all its own, a hush that hangs over its vast plains and lonely hills.” – Winston Churchill.

63. “Africa is not just a place; it is an emotion, a state of being where the rhythm of life beats in harmony with the pulse of the wild.”

64. “The dawn came up like a sudden explosion of light, chasing away the last lingering stars and flooding the world with a fierce, joyous brilliance. The air sang with the awakening of birds, and the dew sparkled like diamonds on the grass.” – Winston Churchill, The Happy Valley: An African Story

65. “If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa – twice!” – Paul Theroux

66. “There is a magic in the African night, a sense of mystery and power that hangs heavy in the air. The stars burn with an almost insolent brightness, and the moon paints the landscape in silver.” – Winston Churchill, The Happy Valley: An African Story

Cultural dance in Rwanda

67. “Africa is not a destination to be reached; it is a journey to be experienced, a pilgrimage to the heart of the earth’s soul where every step reveals a new facet of the traveler’s spirit.”

68. “Africa is a land of extremes, of scorching heat and bone-chilling cold, of life-giving rains and devastating droughts. It is a land that tests a man’s spirit, but it also rewards him with experiences beyond compare.”

69. “When the African drum speaks, it tells stories of generations past, it awakens the spirit, and it unites communities in a powerful celebration of life.” – Miriam Makeba.

70. “Africa is an empire where the language of the wild is spoken in the rustling grass, the roaring rivers, and the silent sands, a language that transcends words and connects the observer to the healing power of nature.”

71. “Like the migratory birds of Africa, let us embrace our innate instinct to journey towards our goals and dreams. Let the changing seasons of life bring forth the necessary physiological changes within us to adapt and thrive. And may we always return to where we came from, stronger, wiser, and ready to soar higher than ever before.”

72. “A thorn under a baobab tree pricks deeper.” – African proverb.

73. “The thing which in the waking world comes nearest to a dream is night in a big town, where nobody knows one, or the African night. There too is infinite freedom: it is there that things are going on, destinies are made around you, there is activity to all sides, and it is none of your concern.” — Karen Blixen.

74. “If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me? Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?” – Isak Dinesen

75. “Beneath the African sky, as daylight gracefully yields to night, the horizon unveils a canvas brushed with the poetic beauty of dawn and dusk, where nature’s subtle palette crafts a timeless masterpiece.”

76. “There is a thrill in facing the unknown, in setting out on a journey without knowing where the road will lead. In Africa, every turn presents a new challenge, a new adventure waiting to be discovered.”

77. “The porters trudged on, their bare feet silent on the sun-baked earth. They bore the weight of not only the expedition’s supplies but also the hopes and dreams of their families back in their villages. Their strength and fortitude were an inspiration to everyone around them.” – Martin Dugard.

78. “There is a great deal to be learned from the wisdom of the African people. They have a deep understanding of the land and its creatures, and they live in harmony with nature in a way that we have forgotten.”

79. “East Africa affects our imagination like few other places: the sight of a charging rhino goes directly to the heart; the limitless landscape of bony highlands, desert, and mountain is, as Isak Dinesen wrote, of ‘unequaled nobility.” – Brian Herne.

80. “By and large, African safaris are a leisurely affair. Safaris are a good deal more comfortable than those of earlier times. Days in the bush routinely begin with a wake-up call before dawn. Morning tea is served in the guest’s sleeping tent by a waiter. Tea is followed by a hearty breakfast served in a special mess tent by uniformed staff. Thus prepared to face the rigors of the game drive, the safari party sets out on foot, horse, or, more commonly, four-by-four safari truck with large windows for viewing wildlife.”

81. “There is a peace and timelessness in the Serengeti that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is a place where you can feel the pulse of the Earth, the rhythm of life that has been playing out for millions of years.” – Bernhard Grzimek.

82. “The sunrise over the Serengeti is the greatest spectacle on Earth. The whole vast plain begins to tremble and shimmer in the first rays of the sun, and the countless animals seem to wake up with one great sigh.” – Bernhard Grzimek.

83. “One of the most endearing and amusing displays of the playful nature of animals is when elephant calves plunge down a muddy slope. Watching this joy is a reminder that even in the wild, there is space for innocence and exuberance.”

84. “The animals of the Serengeti are like characters in a great epic – the noble lion, the graceful gazelle, the lumbering elephant, each playing their part in the drama of survival.” – Bernhard Grzimek.

85. “On a broad plain, as the sun cools and evening brings slanted light to the short-grass plain, it turns from yellow to Serengeti gold. At the edge of the plain broken granite kopjes edge the skyline. There are dark groves of trees near the kopjes, and among the trees, a herd of sable antelope feeds quietly. The sables’ scimitar horns glint with the fire of diamonds when the light catches them.” – Brian Herne

86. “Broader than the American and Canadian Falls of Niagara put together, and over two and a half times as high, the Victoria Falls of the Zambezi is surely in the grandeur and majesty of its transcendent beauty second to nothing that can be seen on our planet.” – James Casada.

87. “Water was how drought would bring everyone together. The antelope’s daily prayer, weighing the mortal need of water with the mortal danger of obtaining it.” ― Mike Bond

88. “The leopard is a cunning and agile hunter, capable of hiding in the shadows and striking with speed and precision.” – David Attenborough.

African leopard is an audacious animal

89. “I must say the African leopard is an audacious animal, although it is ungrateful of me to say a word against him after the way he has let me off personally, and I will speak of his extreme beauty as compensation for my ingratitude.” ― Mary Kingsley.

90. “Africa was the nursery of humanity, the stage where the drama of human evolution unfolded. Walking here, on this ancient soil, it’s impossible not to feel the echoes of our past resonating beneath your feet.” – Peter Matthiessen.

91. “The baobab tree stands as a silent sentinel, a living link between the present and the distant past. Gazing at its weathered bark, you can almost imagine the prehistoric ancestors who gathered in its shade.” – Peter Matthiessen.

92. “Watching a synchronized movement of zebras on the African savannah is like witnessing a perfectly choreographed military parade in Pyongyang. It’s a beautiful sight.”

93. “On Africa Safari, there are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.” – Theodore Roosevelt, African Game Trails.

94. “In the African wilderness, I had met with animals so little afraid of man that they seemed to have lost the instinctive fear of the race which has been implanted in nearly every wild creature.” – Theodore Roosevelt, African Game Trails.

95. “There is no other country in all the world which possesses such a wealth of romantic and picturesque scenery, such a wealth of stirring, adventurous history, so great a variety of striking and splendid types of humanity.” – Theodore Roosevelt, African Game Trails.

96. “Africa is a land of contrasts. It has a charm that is all its own, and to those who have once come under its spell, its incomparable beauty and fascination make an appeal that is not easily forgotten.” – Theodore Roosevelt, African Game Trails

97. “Africa is one of the last great strongholds of the wild and uncivilized, and the spectacle of the primeval forces of nature at work has an extraordinary fascination for the beholder.”

98. “Out of the corners of my eyes, I could see the wildlife. And it was majestic. The land was here before we were, and it will be here when we’re gone.” – Ernest Hemingway.

99. “The charm of Africa is powerful and embraces the senses. Its moods are varied. The sun is intense, and the heat and light are everywhere. It is a great theatre.” – Winston Churchill, My African Journey.

100. “The plains stretch onward and outward, one great continuous savannah – a grassy ocean with dark patches of trees and jutting rocks showing like the black hulls of ships upon the green sea.” – Winston Churchill, My African Journey.

101. “It is a lovely land, the land of my dreams – the land of tremendous, mysterious, and profound horizons – the land of a hundred deserts.” Winston Churchill, My African Journey

These 101 quotes capture the essence of the African safari, igniting the wanderlust within every traveler’s soul. May these words serve as a beacon, inspiring adventurers to seek the magic that Africa bestows on every traveler and create memories that will resonate through the ages.

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