visit uganda in 2020

Visit Uganda in 2020

visit uganda in 2020

Have an amazing Uganda experience

Feeling the need to travel the world happens to almost all of us. At some point in our lives, we all get that thought. Vast oceans and forests, gorgeous nature and wildlife, exciting cities and buildings await you. What reason would you have to not want to get out of your bubble and see the world?

If you identify with a desire to roam, you should visit Uganda in 2020. 2020 is a year full of possibilities and new beginnings for you. There has never been a better time to visit Uganda. From gorgeous nature and wildlife to the culture and people, Uganda is known for its stunning savannas and mountains.

Do you enjoy taking a relaxing hike through the wilderness? Uganda is an amazing place for that with endless opportunities. The mountains you can hike will take your breath away. While you’re at it, take a moment to observe the animals around you. Uganda is home to the wonderful mountain gorillas. More than half of these creatures left on the planet live in Uganda.

Amazing reasons to visit Uganda

gorilla trekking uganda 2020

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is a phenomenal experience for any nature or animal enthusiast. Trekking involves hiking through the Uganda forests and wildlife in search of one of the remaining mountain gorillas. At numbers of only 1068, seeing one of these gorillas would be a lifelong memory.

Creating an unforgettable experience isn’t challenging when visiting Uganda. Lion tracking is another amazing opportunity to study wildlife. Lion tracking is a terrific way to observe lion in their habitat and learn from an experienced researcher. This activity gives you an up-close and personal insight into the unique behaviors of these amazing animals.

Lion tracking Queen Elizabeth National Park

With an experienced researcher by your side, you can learn more than ever about lions. Making the experience even more personal, only a small group is permitted. Lion tracking is only done in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Also, only a small amount of tourists are permitted at one time. These things make the experience extremely personal and accurate. The fewer people in the tour group, the less disturbed the animals will become.

Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda

Pian Upe

If you’re on your way to visit Uganda, be sure to stop by Pian Upe. Pian Upe is the second-largest protected conservation area in Uganda. This beautiful wildlife reserve is located in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda.

Home to much of Uganda’s spectacular wildlife, the Pian Upe is a must-visit destination. See in person some of the most amazing species of antelope such as the roan antelope. Pian Upe is also home to the gorgeous vervet monkey. Taking a trip to the Pian Upe will allow you to see buffalo, zebras, and up to 242 gorgeous bird species.

Pian Upe is an amazing place to visit with many enriching activities. The best time to visit Pian Upe for animal viewing is January – March. This is a spectacular time to see the animals of Pian Upe because the majority of plant life is dry and dead. Animals will gather at a few main water sources so this time will be a great viewing time for animal life.

April – October is a great viewing time if you want to see the lush vegetation that Pian Upe has to offer. Animals are much harder to spot at this time of year due to dense plant life, but the nature around you is beautiful and worth seeing.

November – December is acceptable for animal viewing. Because there is still a lot of living plant life at this time, animals high in treetops or deep in the forest will most likely not be seen.

Pian Upe is not just great for conserving and viewing wildlife. Visiting the Pian Upe gives you unique opportunities to enjoy guided nature walks and mountain climbing. Bird watching is another amazing activity to enjoy and explore.

ugandan women at market

Culture & people

Uganda is home to an extremely diverse culture and people. Some of the number one reasons for you to book a trip to Uganda are found in the culture. A few of the most popular activities for tourists and natives alike are performed at the Nile in Jinja. The Nile river hosts invigorating activities like kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping and more. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

The Karamoja people are another amazing little detail of Uganda’s culture. The Karamoja people are a nomadic group, moving along the Karamojong territories in northeastern Uganda. They do not believe in being influenced by modern-day life. Many find their villages a peaceful look into authentic African culture.

Open-air Ugandan markets are one of the most charming places to visit. Imagine instead of walking through a crowded and loud supermarket, taking a stroll through a peaceful and relaxing open-air market. Shopping at a traditional open-air market is an experience you won’t get here. Open-air markets are terrific places to get great tasting and fresh produce. While produce and juices are what comes to mind when you think of an open-air market, they are not the only items for sale.

These markets are home to just about anything you would want or need for everyday life. The Ugandan people do all their shopping at these charming open-air markets. Vendors sell clothing, shoes, books, and bedding. These goods are often second-hand or handmade.

Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda

Game drive

Enjoying a game safari drive is a wonderful way to experience Uganda. 10 Different national parks across Uganda offer this amazing adventure. To make it better, they are all managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Uganda is unmatched when it comes to the wildlife that a safari ride can showcase. Home to over 1000 species of birds, Uganda is a great place for bird enthusiasts. Love the see majestic zebras frolicking across the savanna? Uganda has that too.

On a safari drive, you can expect to see many of the animals that call Uganda their home. See the majestic king of the African jungle, the lion, pounce and play with other lions. Watch the graceful antelopes bound across plains. The sights are truly endless on a game safari drive through Uganda.

Don’t delay. Get started on your adventure

Uganda is a marvellous country with fantastic culture and people. The culture is so different from ours that the only way to fully understand it is to see it for yourself. Viewing the wildlife there is so unforgettable, you will be amazed and in wonder, as you ride or hike through the mountains of Uganda.

Would you like to find out more about Uganda and these great experiences? Contact us, today!

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