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27 November 2021

Gorilla Trekking Costs in Uganda

The price of a gorilla permit, which makes up seventy per cent of the gorilla safari cost, is the most affordable in the region, considering it’s the most scarce item in planning a gorilla trip. Uganda offers more than 160 gorilla trekking tickets per day (double Rwanda’s), yet most travellers have to book months in advance to acquire the permit.
27 November 2021

Is it Safe to Travel to Uganda in 2021/22

Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Generally, Uganda is safe for travel—however, the below is meant for travelers exploring a post-pandemic world. Otherwise this guide to Uganda safety, which covers everything from the coronavirus to what solo travelers should keep in mind.
25 October 2021

FAQs About Traveling to Uganda in the Wake of COVID-19

Must-know Uganda Covid Travel Restrictions Like every other country, the COVID-19 pandemic has stamped on virtually every industry in Uganda and altered countless aspects of our […]
22 September 2021

Top Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda

We shuffle through our collection of Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda to select out the best accommodation properties for your summer vacation in the pearl of Africa. We hope that this a-list will inspire your adventure travels as you get back out into the world.
13 September 2021

Why Trekking Gorillas in Uganda Is A Bucket-list Summer Adventure

Trekking Gorillas in Uganda and standing ten meters across the most famous of all Africa’s beasts, the showstopper on the primate parade in forested mountain slopes of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park will leave you breathless with excitement and exertion.
8 September 2021

A Restorative Safari Vacation in Southwestern Uganda

If ever there were a time for a restorative journey, it’s now. The pandemic has taken lives and slaughtered our spirits. There’s a gloomy cloud hovering over our collective sadness, uncertainty, and anxiety across the world.
6 September 2021

Fly-in Uganda Safari – Tailored Flying Vacations in Uganda

A fly-in Uganda safari will appeal to travelers who not only want to get from the vibrant, thrumming city energy to the heart of the destination’s wilderness parks faster than a four-by-four cruiser but also marvel at the Pearl of Africa’s vast and magnificent landscapes views from above. 
1 September 2021

Planning Guided Safari Game Drives in Uganda

A guided safari game drive in Uganda and any other destination in Africa is basically driving through a savannah park in a four-by-four safari vehicle, guided by an expert local guide, viewing wild animals. A game drive highlights any classic Africa safari taking you deep into the natural wilderness and getting you closer to the big and small animals within the protected confines of a 4x4 truck.
30 August 2021

Kidepo Valley National Park’s Rugged Remote Wilderness

Kidepo Valley National Park, a classic Africa wilderness, is Uganda’s remotest safari destination, sitting in the extreme northeastern corner, contingent with Kidepo Game Reserve in South Sudan. The one thousand two hundred square kilometers attraction is covered in intriguing semi-arid wilderness, rugged mountain landscapes with seasonal rivers creating an enchanting sanctuary for wildlife game viewing and birdwatching.
27 August 2021

Boat Cruise Safari at Lake Mburo National Park

You know how insanely tiring the route to gorilla highlands in southwestern Uganda can be. Then you must want to break the journey equally between Entebbe International Airport and Bwindi with a boat cruise safari at Lake Mburo and a quintessential night in Uganda’s tiniest national park.
16 May 2021

Is Uganda Good For Safari?

Compared to its East African counterparts, Uganda is relatively good for safari. Although it may not match the sheer numbers of savannah wildlife in pioneer safari destinations like Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda offers a more varied safari experience.
1 May 2021

What To Expect on Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a unique Africa safari destination compared to its eastern counterparts. On your Uganda safari holiday, you should expect a more varied landscape from the savannah plains to the rugged western region filled with various game, primates, and unique bird species.
15 March 2021

Discounted Gorilla Permits & Promotional Rates 2021

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has officially extended promotional rates and discounted gorilla and chimps trekking permits up-to June 30, 2021, with an allowance to consider extending the low season rates to the end of 2021. The reduced park entrance permit prices were previously set out for December 2020, January, February, up-to March 2021. These 2021 discounted rates include gorilla trekking permits at 57% off, Chimpanzee tracking permit at $50 off, birding fees, and all park entry fees at 50% off. See details below.
18 December 2020

Value of a Private, Custom Safari

What is a private or custom safari? A private, custom safari is a meticulously planned tour tailor-made, with you, to suit your particular travel style, avoiding your dislikes. Compared to a group safari that is already planned and priced for you, a tailor-made safari requires your involvement with an expert to put together and squeeze maximum value. If you're booking directly with a local expert like Nkuringo Safaris, emails and phone calls will be exchanged back and forth from the start till you get the destinations, attractions, accommodation, transportation, and meals right. Private safaris are more engaging, and the planning process can be a great experience for the traveler.
17 December 2020

Best 5 East Africa Safari For First-Timers

If it is your first time planning an Africa safari vacation, East Africa, the pioneer safari destination, is a great choice for first-timers. If you’ve never been to Africa before, you have so much to look forward to. East Africa offers the most leisurely introduction to the continent for first-time travelers, and it has the wildlife, scenery, ambiance, and expertise to show for it. East Africa is the eastern region of the African continent. It includes safari heavyweights like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar and Seychelles.
21 September 2020

How to Make Sure Your Safari Lodge Room Is Clean

Because the Covid pandemic has changed the face of leisure travel, safari lodges and hotels are monitored to follow strict operating standards to keep guests protected from coronavirus by cleaning their safari lodge rooms thoroughly. It’s nice to have someone fold up your towels and make your bed while you’re out exploring the African savannah, but in terms of sanitization, a neatly made bed does not equal a clean safari lodge room.
8 September 2020

Best Time For a Trip to Uganda

Planning for a Uganda safari trip will require you to know the best time to take safari trip due to the unpredictable weather patterns that blanket the equatorial region. It is known to rain any time of the year in Uganda and if rain is not a hindrance to your holiday vacation, then we can comfortably say that a trip to Uganda can happen any time of the year.
5 September 2020

What to pack for a Uganda safari holiday

You are excited about experiencing a once in a lifetime trip to Uganda. You have your ticket ready and are now pondering what to pack. Your itinerary from your tour agent Nkuringo Safaris mentions that you will be trekking the mountain gorilla at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. You also notice game drives, chimp trekking, nature walks and many other activities are included in the itinerary.
4 September 2020

The Uganda Gorilla Baby Boom in Bwindi

7 baby gorillas have been born in 2020 so far, compared to just 3 in the whole of 2019 leading to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to declare a “baby boom” in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. What does Uganda's gorilla baby boom in Bwindi mean to the population of mountain gorillas in East African jungles & gorilla trekking tourism.
24 August 2020

Kibale National Park

ibale National Park is a beautiful slice of nature, quite literally a modern-day Garden of Eden. Preserved as Uganda’s premier chimpanzee tracking destination, Kibale National Park protects 766km² of predominantly forested habitat that extends more than 50 km (31 mi) south from the main Fort Portal–Kampala Road to the northeast border of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
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