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Tailor-made Uganda safaris & holiday Packages by local specialists.

With our tailor-made Uganda safaris, the traveller has complete control of the places they visit, the activities and the types of accommodation they include on the holiday package. Our local safari specialist will guide you in planning the entire trip at zero cost.

Travellers can also leverage our specialist knowledge of local logistics, verified service delivery, the best local guidance, and the financial protection we promise with travel boards. There are many more soft hidden advantages of a tailor-made safari in Uganda that may not be immediately obvious. For example, the traveller has a better chance of getting the most out of the destination because we organise everything in advance on the traveller’s behalf.

You won’t have to spend precious time hunting for the best local service providers. This translates into more time spent experiencing the places, people and adventures in Uganda.

Finding availability is a huge obstacle for many travellers. Your travel window could be set in stone when you have work or other commitments.

It can be frustrating not to find a suitable Uganda safari package with the proper departure dates. Our tailor-made safaris make it relevant for the traveller to set the departure and return date.

All our local partners are in the experience business and keen on growing their travel products with us. As such, you’re more than just another traveller passing through Uganda. Expect personalised service from our intuitive guides, drivers and any rep we engage with on your behalf.

Please browse through our example tailor-made Uganda safaris & holiday packages for trip ideas and request a quote to start planning your trip with a local expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Uganda is a unique African safari destination compared to its eastern counterparts. You should expect more varied experiences in savannah and rainforest attractions—the rugged western region offers excellent privacy on game-viewing drives and trekking excursions.

General game viewing is excellent year-round, thanks to significant concentrations of wildlife, temperate climate, and wide-open landscapes. Expect game viewing in generally closed 4x4s with three rows of seating and a pop-top roof hatch.

Accommodation is mainly in authentic traditional lodges and tented camps, including meals in room pricing.

Tailor-made safaris in Uganda are best with a combination of activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, guided bush walks, cultural tours, game drives, and game viewing on a boat.

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Why is Uganda suitable for a tailor-made safari?

Uganda offers the best tourists and research access to primates in their natural forests. With the country's security stability, robust wildlife protection and conservation programs, and affordable hotels, Uganda offers exceptional primate viewing adventures.

Uganda hosts more than half of the last mountain gorillas in two national parks and 14 primate species swinging in various protected forests. Chimpanzee trekking adventures in Kibale National Park stand out as the best in the region, coupled with easy access to them.

Tailor-made Uganda safaris allow you to see the primates and drive or walk among Africa's big game animals on a single private trip without crossing borders.

Also, with a wide availability of accommodation stretching from budget hostels to exclusive luxury safari lodges, you can tailor a personal journey to suit your travel budget and excitement.

Is Uganda good for safari?

When one mentions safari, the first thing that comes to mind is driving through endless golden plains filled with animals and unfolding predatorial drama.

Although Uganda may not match the safari-likes of Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda throws a worthy punch that is relatively good for safari adventures. And because only a few ardent travellers have discovered Uganda, tailor-made safaris in Uganda are a private affair. You could literally be the only one on the game tracks or the entire safari camp.

Uganda could, arguably, give you a better-varied safari experience combining the savannah big-game, primates, mountains, rich birdlife and incredible landscapes. Few safari destinations can brag about pulling off such varied experiences on a single trip.

You can trek mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, take a game drive, boat safari, hike mountains, dance at a cultural festival, and tick off a bird list of more than 1000 species on a single tailored Uganda safari.

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Does Uganda have good safari lodges?

Uganda's tourist parks offer a decent selection of safari accommodations for all travellers, from budget hostels to exclusive luxury safari lodges. Most lodges and camps are located just outside the National Parks, providing easy access of not more than a 15-minute drive to the park's activities.

Many of Uganda's safari lodges are small, with less than ten rooms, offering an intimate private stay for their guests. If lucky, you could occupy the whole property by yourself for days in the shoulder months.

When planning your tailor-made safari in Uganda, your tour operator primarily advises you on the best safari lodges for each activity.

The advantage of bespoke safaris is that the operator will recommend and book the room on your behalf. You don't have to worry about making the right choice for accommodation.

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When is the best time for safari in Uganda?

The dry season with plentiful sunshine is the best time for a tailored safari in Uganda. The dry season, also considered peak season, falls between June to August and December to February.

The northern Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls National Parks experience the least rainfall during that time. The dry months are also the best for gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking adventures in the west and southwest regions.

The trails are dry and simple to navigate, and it’s simpler to spot wild animals as they gather around water points in the dry season. Birding is relatively good during this time too.

On the other side, Uganda has tropical weather, which means you cannot rule out possible downpours any day.

The wettest months of March to May can be challenging customizing a private safari in Uganda. Some lodges close down during this time or discount their rates.

Nonetheless, a bespoke safari is good all year round, and tourists can visit Uganda any time.

Is Uganda safe for safari holidays?

Uganda is one of the safest tourist destinations in Africa, although opportunist petty crime pop-up unexpectedly, like in any other country.

Uganda has also received a bad rap for its politics and human rights abuse, which sometimes spread into the tourism industry, although they shouldn't. You'll be surprised to see same-sex Ugandan walking hand-in-hand in the streets disregarding the much-publicised impunity of the gay community. If you don't bring it up or publicly show you affection, like public kissing, Ugandans will not care about your sexual choices.

Politics can be dirty, even in developed countries. For Uganda, it also gets down-and-dirty in the city streets during political rallies, which is why many tourists will avoid the cities during those times and head into the tranquil countryside. When the hot political winds blow, they usually don't affect the national parks and remote destinations.

Parks, reserves and remote tourist destinations are some of the most well-protected places in Uganda, with an entire Uganda Wildlife Police Force dedicated to ensuring the safety of tourists and animals.

So tailor your safari trip and include guided walking in the jungles and driving through national parks because the activities are safe for any traveller.

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