Scheduled Safaris to Uganda & Rwanda

Set Departure Tours to Uganda and Rwanda

Nkuringo Safaris organises fully guided scheduled safaris for set departure dates for groups of 2-7 tourists per vehicle along popular destination routes around Uganda and Rwanda. The safari dates and itineraries are pre-planned. Included in the package are accommodation, transport and meals. Gorilla trekking permits and chimp tracking permits may not be included – check individual package information for full details.

If you prefer to be grouped with others to enjoy the benefits of traveling together, whilst creating a group adventure, and reducing travel costs, then a scheduled safari may be for you. Travelers can also opt to use local flights to travel long distances between safari parks. These tours offer great value and the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers in Africa.

All our scheduled programmes are also available on request as a private safari (at a slightly higher cost) and on a private basis, can operate on any date subject to availability of accommodation.

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Scheduled Departure Group Safari Packages

Rwenzori Mountains, Mahoma Trail Hike

Explore Uganda the Pearl of Africa

12 Days | Scheduled Departure Dates

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5 Days Gorilla Tracking Adventure Safari by road

Gorilla Tracking Adventure Safari by road

05 Days | Scheduled Departure Dates

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