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Wildlife Photography

Photo Safari Holidays in East Africa

A photo safari holiday is the best way to capture the memories of a destination on camera. Wildlife photography demands time, patience, and in-depth knowledge of local conditions and wildlife locations, which a photographic safari guide can provide.

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Wildlife Photography

Photo Safari Holidays in East Africa

A photo safari holiday is the best way to capture the memories of a destination on camera. Wildlife photography demands time, patience, and in-depth knowledge of local conditions and wildlife locations, which a photographic safari guide can provide.

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Photo Safari Holidays in East Africa

Imperial safari explorers hunted with a gun and painted their wildlife encounters on canvas. Today’s safari adventurer tracks with a camera, lens and views their captured memories on retina pixel screens. Amazing how adventure has transformed from wiping our wildlife to conserving it for more incredible memories. Taking great pictures is an integral part of any wildlife safari adventure in Africa, and a photo safari is a perfect trip for wildlife photography.

If you’re looking to make a visual record of the rainforest drama, far-flung savannah plains, and dramatic wildlife encounters, East Africa’s landscapes, people, and wildlife make for a great inspiration. East Africa provides a perfect wildlife scene with close-knit families of elephants interacting on river banks. At the same time, herds of giraffes canter through tall grass as they seek the thorny foliage of acacia trees on which to gaze. A pride of lions angling in for the hunt, wild hyenas fighting for prey, leopards recumbent on tree branches, herds of antelopes, impalas, and gazelles spread out before your very eyes, and the magnificent apes in the misty mountain jungles of Uganda and Rwanda. On an East Africa photo safari, you get a treat of all kinds of wildlife.

Photography safari trips demand time and patience, and in-depth knowledge of local conditions and the game, especially for professional wildlife photographers. Keen photographers are often restrained on general safari itineraries, which lack the freedom to stake out a waterhole for hours or wait patiently for a lion pride to catch up with a herd of buffalo. They often need a particularly experienced photo safari guide to keep them informed of the likely movement and behavior of the wildlife they are interested in capturing. An ardent wildlife photographer needs a photo safari that balances time, observation of the details, and availability of dramatic wildlife opportunities.

Typically, our specialist photography tours in East Africa primarily focus on professional photo-guides’ experience and knowledge. Their ability to predict animal behavior means front-row seats to all the action. Secondly, we also consider exploring the wilderness in vehicles and boats that will allow travelers to use their camera equipment with minimal frustration. Your safari guide will find you the best spots to position your pod out of the vehicle so that you can capture the wildlife moment at your pace and comfort.

We design East Africa safari trips for wildlife photography enthusiasts ranging from amateur beginners to semi-professionals. We bring together like-minded people in a pleasant, focussed, and memorable environment on these photography tours. We’ll select photo-friendly accommodation facilities for specific advantages, including battery recharging stations and dedicated media centers with network connections.

Our specialist photo safari itineraries are entirely tailored to suit a traveler’s style and choice from the accommodation, duration to routes, and trivial choices. Trips are suitable for solo travelers, couples and groups, and are offered in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Bring your own camera and lenses or hire gear for the duration of your photo safari.

East Africa Photography Safari Itineraries

What Our Guests Say About Us

Based on 74 reviews.
Sarah B.
Sarah B.
November 29, 2020.
Travel in Covid times- 2.5 unforgettable weeks In November 2020, we travelled Uganda as a couple in a 4*4 Jeep. Considering the difficult time we are all in, we were especially happy about the level of service we experienced. If you have a negative COVID-19 test beforehand, you can travel Uganda with no problem. During our travel we felt very safe: all staff wore masks, if you enter buildings (Lodges, Banks etc.) or parks you have to sanitize your hands and your temperature will be taken. All in all, we felt safer than in Europe - as everybody was very considerate about our health. But let`s talk about the experience: - We travelled the north (Kidepo national park) which we highly recommend. The amount of animals (mammals, birds) is spectacular - Furthermore we did Murchinsons, Queen Elizabeth (incl. Ishasha sector), chimpanzee habituation experience and Nkuringo- where we tracked Gorillas in the Rushaga sector - This trip was unforgettable. Our guide made sure we enjoyed it to the fullest. He was very professional and could answer all our questions about animals, history and the country - As tourism is low at the moment, we were even more spoiled by all staff in all lodges, which made our experience even more special We highly recommend to travel Uganda now, as it is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your travel life. About Nkuringo tours: - From the booking (where we could give our inputs and wishes), to the payment, the guide during the trip to the COVID test to the end, we experienced a highly professional service - We want to acknowledge especially, that if problems arised, they solved them in a professional and efficent manner. For example, we had a car break down (due to the rainy season some roads were very bad). We still arrived in our lodge that day in the evening and were able to proceed with a new car the next day. We didn`t experience any negative impact to our travel, even if this could have been a major issue - All in all, we highly recommend to work with Nkuringo Walking Safaris to experience this beautiful country the fullest
February 5, 2020.
Great walk and canoe trip. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Our guide with Nkuringo Walking Safaris, Richard was excellent. We had an informative and unique walk down the mountain from Kisoro to Lake Mutanda. We walked through villages and saw families actively working their farms. Children along the way were delightful. The walk is easy. Once we arrived at the lake we got into canoes with Boatman David and his son. They took us across the lake ( a very big lake) to Chameleon Hill Lodge. The dugout canoe was very comfortable with padded seats to lean against. You can help paddle or not. It was a peaceful and beautiful tour of the lake. Highly recommended adventure.
Victoria V
Victoria V
January 29, 2020.
Amazing 7 day - Gorilla and Chimp tracking and QENP. My husband and I had a week vacation, which is not a lot given all the things we wanted to do/see. Nkuringo organized our trip to make the most of this week. The trip was flawlessly organized. Time-management was perfect. They were flexible and accomodating, all our needs were met and we felt listened to, it was a truly customized experience. Our guide (Darrick) was amazing, he was knowledgable, very informative, and very flexible too! He also went above and beyond to make sure we experienced the things we were showing interest on. We are tuly happy with Nkuringo and will recommend to friends and family.
Tom R
Tom R
January 12, 2020.
An incredible way to see Uganda For part of our trip we trekked through the mountainous region of Uganda, from Gahinga to Bwindi, via Lake Mutanda and Nkuringo. Throughout this part of the trip we were accompanied by our wonderful guide (muhavara) Richard. Richard knew so much about pretty much everything - the local animals, plants and trees, the communities the country's history and culture. He's funny and friendly and looked after us incredibly well. I really recommend this way of exploring the region.
Bill G
Bill G
December 29, 2019.
Best experience I ever had Our trip was actually organised by Wild Frontier Safaris and we spent 3 days at Buhoma Lodge and walked into see the H group on the second day. It took me one and half hours but some of the walking was not difficult. When I arrived it was just so wonderful I was almost in tears, it was one of the most amazing hours of my life, 14 gorillas who just went on with their lives and occasionally came right up to us. Two hours of a steep climb to get out,

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