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Uganda Safari Activities, Tours Types, & Experiences

A Uganda safari holiday promises a bucketload of things to do, safari activities and experiences. From the unending wildlife drama on the vast golden savannah plains to the emerald misty mountain rainforest where endangered primates roam freely, and in between, Uganda safari experiences come in various types.

Our Uganda safari activities include trekking mountain gorillas high in the misty mountains, keeping up with the social intricacies of chimpanzee troops, walking the ancient forest trails, dancing with native tribe, and driving through the wild savannah plains in safari comfort.

Choose from a selection of safari types or experiences to include on your itinerary, carefully looking out for what uplifts your spirits and is gentle to your physical fitness.

With help from our local safari experts, Nkuringo Safari allows you to craft a custom Uganda safari holiday including a group of activities that suit your style of travel.



Custom Uganda Safari Packages

Looking for inspiration to start planning your most anticipated Uganda Safari? Here's a list of our top trending Africa safaris; romantic or honeymoon vacations, and family or group holiday packages curated with the best safari activities - all customizable in your way.

Classic Rwanda Safari, gorillas, culture & wildlife

Classic Rwanda Safari Holiday

10 Days Gorillas, Culture & BIG 5

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Rwenzori Hiking Safari

Rwenzori Hiking Safari

9 Days | Mountaineering & Hiking

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East African Destinations

Nkuringo Safaris main office is based in Uganda, extending our safari operations to three other East African destinations. Our Africa safari destinations feature well-selected attractions and hidden gems to give you a private raw remote feel of the cradle of humankind and bring you as close as possible to the natural and cultural wonders of the region. Please browse through our four selected countries and find your style and taste.


Immerse yourself East Africa's native and authentic cultures, wildlife and scenic beauty. Talk to our consultants to help you plan your perfect East Africa safari holiday.