Turaco Treetops Lodge

Kibale Forest

Turaco Treetops Lodge

Rating: Mid-range
Covid-19: Compliant

Turaco Treetops is a lush semi-luxury lodge on the edge of Kibale National Park. The lodge sits under 5.2 hectares of rainforest, which creates a serene green environment for a perfect hideaway. It’s got stunning views of the forest canopy, the massive Rwenzori mountains, and the creator lake decorated landscape of the region. If you’re staying for a chimpanzee tracking adventure in Kibale, hiking around the area, or for a romantic getaway, Turaco Treetops is a suitable choice.

Some of the lodge visitors that hang around the lodge grounds include various bird species like the famous Great blue turaco (which inspires the lodge name), butterflies, monkeys, and primates like Bush Babies, Black and White Colobus monkeys.

Turaco’s main building features a stylish restaurant, a lounge area with a cozy fireplace, a bar, an outside terrace, and a first-floor lounge with spectacular views over the forest. Enjoy a sumptuous meal, read a book, watch the butterflies and birds, play a game, or grab a drink and watch the sun setting behind Mount Stanley. Free WiFi and charging docks are available in the main building.

The lodge is family-friendly, offering kids an outdoor playground and an indoor kids’ room in our main building. The pool on the premised also caters to children with a shallow end.

Turaco Treetops Lodge in kibale
Turaco Treetops Lodge in kibale

Turaco Treetops Lodge in kibale
Turaco Treetops Lodge in kibale

Accommodation at Turaco

Turaco Treetops has eight luxury cottages at secluded jungle locations on the property. The cabins are spacious, with large windows and outside wooden decks, providing splendid views over Kibale Forest. The cottages are designed to bring the outdoors inside and mix modernity with an ‘African feel’ using clean lines in combination with wood and other natural materials.

The lodge is expanding with eight more standard cottages that will be available in May 2021.

This lodge is COVID-19 compliant with facemask and hand sanitizing compulsory in public areas. Please read our policy on COVID-19 for this lodge.


Laundry Services

En-suite bathrooms

Hot/Cold Water in bathrooms

Swimming Pool

Wi-Fi Available

Restaurant & Bar

Daily housekeeping

Mosquito net


After a 25-minute drive through the lush Fort Portal – Mbarara Highway, surrounded by the giant rainforest trees on both sides, to the trailhead, guests can join guided chimpanzee hikes from Kanyanchu Park Headquarters into the forest jungle, searching for the chicky chimp bands. Usually, the chimpanzee tracking walks last 2-3 hours and are restrictive to eight people. The experience of viewing wild chimps up close can be incredible and very, really intimate.

After your exciting encounter with chimpanzee troops, sunbathe or take a dip in the well-elevated pool with the most incredible view on the property. You can also take a guided walk around the crater lakes surrounding the property, visit a community, or chill back in the lodge’s fresh, natural surroundings.

An evening sundowner with the Rwenzori views, sitting by the campfire under the stars, sharing stories of the day with fellow travelers, and listening to the sounds of elephants and chimpanzees from the forest below is perfect for a relaxing evening at the Lodge.

Bird lovers will be interested to know that there are 325 species of birds recorded in the national park. The list includes the six species endemic to the Albertine Rift region, like the black-capped Apalis, collared Apalis, purple-breasted sunbirds, blue-headed sunbirds, dusky crimson wings, and red-faced woodland warblers.

There are some lovely walks in the area, including the walk in the small Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary in hopes of meeting more primates in the east of the park. A network of trails in Sebitoli Forest provides further opportunities for viewing various primates and birds on the forest’s northern side.

Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru Caves is a renowned cave system located near Fort Portal, around 15km from Kibale Forest, and is considered one of Uganda’s seven wonders and great to visit.


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