Tailored Rwanda Safaris

Tailored Rwanda Safaris

Nkuringo’s Tailored Rwanda Safaris draw on the small East African country’s heritage, shaping a modern culture that celebrates passion, care, and creativity. Hidden away in the volcanic mountain slopes of Volcanoes National Park is Rwanda’s travel jewel, the gentle mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas are the biggest attraction that brings a swarm of travelers into this tiny country every year, and Nkuringo Safaris has not missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stories of Rwanda’s giant, courageous, and quite amazing mountain gorillas in the north have resounded in people’s living rooms around the world. The beautiful scenery of Akagera national park – home to Africa safari “Big Five” (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, and Leopard) – is Rwanda’s only savanna attraction that will save you an overland trip to neighboring Kenya and Tanzania.

And the traditional culture of Rwandan dancers, leave alone a canopy walkway in the Southern province, are some of Rwanda Safaris attractions that Nkuringo won’t let you miss. Rwanda combines well with Uganda’s savanna game parks in the comfort of a 4×4 safari truck.

Alternatively, you also can see gorillas in Rwanda and transfer your trip to Kenya’s Masai Mara or Tanzania’s Serengeti for the dramatic big game viewing adventures.


  • Gorill Trekking adventures in this landlocked country of undulating hills, terraced farmlands, volcanic mountain chains, and dense rain forests is an experience unlike any other.
  • Navigate your way through emerald foliage, bamboo forests, and gauzelike mists to behold the world’s largest living primates on their own turf. Their sheer size and eerily humanlike interactions will leave you spellbound, and Rwanda’s focus on their conservation is impressive.
  • You’ll witness awe-inspiring panoramas, a plethora of primates, roving families of chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, almost 300 colorful bird species, friendly local people, and one of Africa’s most promising capitals.
  • With newly imported lions and rhinos, Rwanda’s main safari park is once again home to Africa’s Big Five. Akagera is just two hours east of Kigali, and the spectacular northern plains cannot be missed.
  • Arguably East Africa’s safest and most future-focused city, Rwanda’s capital is a patchwork of palm tree-lined boulevards, artisan coffee shops, international restaurants, and a downtown dotted with new buildings.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

All the Rwanda gorilla tour packages listed here are suggested ideas of packages Nkuringo Safaris consultants can customize or tailor to your specific budget and travel style. Request a quote using the big button or email us at info@nkuringosafaris.com to get our local experts’ attention.

Private/Tailor-made Safaris

What is a tailor-made safari?: A Tailor-made safari or private safari is a vacation trip in Africa that is crafted around the traveller’s preferences—likes, expectations, recommendations and travel style—with the guidance of an expert safari consultant. The trips listed above can all be customized to each individual for a perfect safari holiday.

With a wide range of experiences, attractions and great expectations to choose from, putting together a perfect Africa safari vacation can be a daunting task, especially when it’s your first time visiting Africa. And buying a pre-planned Africa safari package may not cut it.

Nkuringo Safaris consultants will listen and learn about your dream of Africa, what type of traveller you are, what moves your emotions, makes you smile and what lasting memories you expect. We’ll then—with you—craft an Africa safari holiday, take care of all the ground handling and take you to your dream with little or no hustle on your part.