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7 October 2021

The Best Places To See Chimpanzees in The Wild

Best adventures into the African rainforests to see chimpanzees in the wild are in Uganda's Kibale forest, Mahale, Gombe Stream, and Nyungwe. Explore these places in this post.
5 June 2020

Discover Uganda’s Flora and Fauna

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, has a biodiverse flora and fauna and is known for its splendor, natural wonders, and amazing people. Uganda has a wealth of unexploited natural resources and showcases a varied collection of habitats, landscapes and vegetation from open wooded savannah forest and acacia woodlands, tropical forest, riparian forests, montane forests, rocky outcrops, grasslands, marshes, sweeping valleys, craggy hills, bush thickets, and extensive wetlands.
14 March 2019

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Previously referred to as the ‘Rwenzori Range,’ the Rwenzori Mountains are a mountain range situated in Eastern Equatorial Africa. They are along […]
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