1st March 2019

7 Things To Do In Kampala

Things to do in Kampala Kampala is the shiny jewel of East Africa. Despite being the capital and the largest city of Uganda, Kampala has some […]
15th February 2019
13 Days Best of Rwanda Adventure Safari

Travel Safety in Rwanda

Is it safe to travel in Rwanda? When you mention Rwanda to most people, they think of it as a highly dangerous place. Their first memory […]
31st October 2018
Uganda activities

16 Adventure Activities you can do in Uganda!

Adventure Activities you can do in Uganda Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking to satisfy a wild craze? Are you ready to face your […]
26th September 2018

Best Time to Visit Uganda for a Safari Holiday

Best time to visit Uganda for a safari holiday Planning for a safari will require you to know what time would best suit you. If you […]