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Bird watching in East Africa is a must-do activity for any nature enthusiast. East Africa is a birding paradise with over 1,000 bird species recorded in the region. From Lake Nakuru’s stunning flamingos to Uganda’s elusive shoebill, visitors can witness a myriad of bird species in their natural habitats. The region’s diverse habitats, including wetlands, forests, savannas, and mountains, provide various birding opportunities.

In addition to the birdlife, visitors can also enjoy the region’s stunning landscapes and wildlife. East Africa is home to some of the world’s most iconic national parks and game reserves, making it an ideal destination for a wildlife and birding safari. With knowledgeable local guides and various accommodation options, bird watching in East Africa is an unforgettable experience for birders of all levels.

Here are resources to help you plan your birding safari in East Africa.

24 August 2023

Bird Watching in Rwanda: Discovering The Best Places For Birding Adventures

For bird enthusiasts, Rwanda is a true paradise boasting an impressive 703 bird species, including 29 Albertine Rift Endemics, spread across diverse habitats. It's a dream come true for anyone passionate about birdwatching, with some of the best montane birding experiences in all of Africa.
9 September 2021

The Shoebill Bird: Tracking the prehistoric shoe-billed stork in Uganda

The Shoebill (aka Whale-head, aka shoe-billed Stork, aka Balaeniceps rex) is a large wading waterbird that stalks the marshes of tropical East Africa in South Sudan and Uganda. It stalks along the swampy Nile River and Lake Victoria shores, snatching up prey with its unique, immediately recognizable bills. 
Bird Watching in Rwanda: Discovering The Best Places For Birding Adventures
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