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23 May 2022

Luxury Safari in Uganda — Planning Tips

We love ambitious, well-organised, far-ranging journeys. But they can be challenging to plan and may require an experienced destination management company or outfitter who understands the local tourism logistics. In this new series, our expert safari advisors answer some of the most frequently asked travel questions to help you plan that once-in-a-lifetime luxury safari in Uganda. They tackle luxury travel — where to go, when to go, and how to plan a trip.
18 January 2022

Gorillas & Masai Mara; The Most Adventurous Experience in Africa

From the pinnacle of fascinating big-game watching to the depths of pristine wilderness, gorillas & Masai Mara safari expedition will ignite your passion for adventure. The safari holiday promises some of the most adventurous experiences in Africa with lifetime memories and authentic animal and cultural encounters. 
15 January 2022

Safari Experiences in East Africa For Your Summer Bucket list

From the majestic big game-drive adventures to encounters with intelligent apes in misty mountain forests, here are East Africa's top safari experiences that should make your summer bucket list.
8 January 2022

Best Time For Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Mountain gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda live in tropical rainforests at high altitudes where weather highly determines tourism activities. The best time for gorilla trekking is during the dry seasons, when less rain is likely to disrupt your charming moment with the forest giants.
6 January 2022

Guide To Planning A Safari Holiday Trip in Tanzania & Zanzibar

Tanzania lies on the east coast of Africa, and it offers the finest safari holiday trip, easily combined with a wide range of Indian Ocean beaches. In our opinion, it really is the best country in Africa to combine a big five safari with the glorious beach holidays.
4 January 2022

Kazinga Channel – Hippo Hotspot For Best Boat Cruise Safaris in Uganda

of Africa, on the rift valley floor joining lakes, Edward and George is the 915-meter wide, 36-kilometer waterway called Kazinga Channel—a gentle river bisecting Queen Elizabeth National Park known to host the highest concentration of hippos worldwide.
25 December 2021

Valuable Tips On Planning A Family Safari Holiday

From a very early age, children are fascinated by wild animals, and that's why animated stories with animals get more screenplay in our living rooms and on our iPads. A family safari vacation in Africa's natural habitats will enthral the children and give lasting memories vital in saving our future dying natural world. This is what you need to know before you start planning you once-in-a-lifetime vacation.
15 October 2021

Why Choose a Local Tour Operator For Safari in East Africa

Safaris in East Africa, unlike big-city tours, require that you hire the services of a local tour operator to take care of the challenging local logistics and manage your entire journey. This guide will give you reasons why you should choose a local outfitter for a relaxed adventure experience. 
6 September 2021

Places in Uganda You Can Fly To on Your Safari Trip

A fly-in Uganda safari will appeal to travelers who not only want to get from the vibrant, thrumming city energy to the heart of the destination’s wilderness parks faster than a four-by-four cruiser but also marvel at the Pearl of Africa’s vast and magnificent landscapes views from above. 
1 September 2021

Planning Guided Safari Game Drives in Uganda

A guided safari game drive in Uganda and any other destination in Africa is basically driving through a savannah park in a four-by-four safari vehicle, guided by an expert local guide, viewing wild animals. A game drive highlights any classic Africa safari taking you deep into the natural wilderness and getting you closer to the big and small animals within the protected confines of a 4x4 truck.
30 August 2021

Kidepo Valley National Park’s Rugged Remote Wilderness

Kidepo Valley National Park, a classic Africa wilderness, is Uganda’s remotest safari destination, sitting in the extreme northeastern corner, contingent with Kidepo Game Reserve in South Sudan. The one thousand two hundred square kilometers attraction is covered in intriguing semi-arid wilderness, rugged mountain landscapes with seasonal rivers creating an enchanting sanctuary for wildlife game viewing and birdwatching.
12 February 2021

African Wild Valentine: Love and affection in the animal kingdom

For many people feeling like their bond is extraordinary, the 14th of February is a special day to celebrate their bond. Down here in the East African wild, some animals celebrate Valentine’s day every chance they get. We look at some wild animals you may encounter on your safari trip that celebrate wild Valentine in the most interesting way. From the jungle’s ferocious kings to the insignificant savannah birds, an animal is celebrating a union of souls somewhere in the animal kingdom.
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