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Value of Guided Safari

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Why Choose a Guided Safari

Relax and let a safari guide take you through your Africa dream

Travelers like you are faced with so many options when you want to see the world. It can be pretty overwhelming to settle on one particular safari adventure when there’s so much to choose from. You’re already thinking about going with a guided safari, which is a really smart first step!

Here’s how a guided safari will get you more for your money.

Nkuringo Safari Guides and Vehicles

Get a great value for money

If you have ever planned a holiday, you know how overwhelming it can be to put together your own itinerary and plan logistics. Which airline should you choose? Where should you stay? How will you get around once you’re there? Where are all the must-sees?

Travelling with Nkuringo Safaris is a perfect way to not only eliminate the hassle of planning an African trip, but it’s also a great way to take advantage of the expertise, industry relationships and strong buying power that we have built over the past decade.

We take care of the details

With all the details taken care of, all you need to do is pack your bags and enjoy your African safari journey.

We understand that you want to get the most for your money, so we make sure that’s exactly what happens. When you choose one of our guided safaris, you get a carefully crafted trip in which we take the time to plan all the details ranging from wildlife viewing to enriching cultural experiences to even taking you to and from the airport in a comfortable covid compliant car. All of this is done with a focus on getting the best prices and passing the savings on to you.

More than a decade long of experience

As we celebrate 13 years in safari planning, we think back to that first hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest from Buhoma to Nkuringo with 6 travellers. For Robert Brierley, it started with the idea to make mountain gorillas more accessible. From 2007 to the present, Nkuringo Safaris has set out to make Africa safari a way of life. Our promise to you is that we will continue to innovate – creating guided safaris, travel styles and experiences tailor-made to the needs of our diverse travellers. Like Robert Brierley, our safari experts are always looking ahead, carving out new paths to give you the same riveting safari experience, even with Covid restrictions.

Expert Local Guides

What do you get when you put Nkuringo Safaris’ expert safari designers and carefully selected expert local guides together?

A life-changing Africa safari experience that’s worth every penny. The unparalleled knowledge of sites our local guides come packed with will give you every drop of emotional excitement you’ve dreamed of about Africa like the intricate gorilla jungle floors of Uganda and Rwanda, hidden savanna paths the overflow with animal life and animated cultures that give you a sneak pick into the cradle of humanity.

Our expert Safari Designers don’t just develop a safari; they create an avenue where travellers can absorb the lives and surroundings of other cultures. Safari Managers provide travellers with exceptional knowledge, warmth, adventure and comfort as you become immersed in a new destination, making sure you don’t miss a single thing.

Why Choose a Guided Africa Safari

Gorilla Permits

To see mountain gorillas you must first obtain a tracking permit from the UWA in Kampala or RDB in Kigali. If you prefer avoiding the bureaucracy, Members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators are able to purchase permits on your behalf for up to 2 years from the month of tracking.

Nkuringo Safaris helps many of our visitors to obtain permits for either the Nkuringo, Bushasho, Nshongi, MIshaya, Bweza Kahungye or Busingye groups on the south side of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Gorilla groups on the Buhoma sector of Bwindi where availability exists. We also process, on your behalf, your Rwanda gorilla permit. Contact us should you require this service.

Each Gorilla Permit in Uganda costs USD $700 (July 2020) and Nkuringo Safaris’ processing fee is US $30 per tracking permit. A Gorilla Permit in Rwanda costs USD $1,500 per person.

We cannot make tentative bookings for tracking permits with UWA or RDB. All bookings we make with the wildlife authority must be supported with payment in cash at the time of making the reservation. Know more about gorilla trekking costs in Uganda.

Gorilla Tracking Fees 2020/21

Country/AuthorityNon- ResidentEast African ResidentEast African Citizen
Uganda Wildlife Authority$700$600Ush 250,000
Rwanda Development Board$1,500$1,500$1,500
  • No persons under 15 years of age may trek Gorillas
  • Gorilla tracking begins at 08.30. Arrive at least 15 mins prior to this for registration.
  • Rates do include park fee, guide fee a certificate of trekking and community levy.

Best Time For Guided Safari

Uganda’s raised topography means a cooler climate than its equatorial setting suggests but if you’re planning a gorilla trek on your honeymoon, it’s important to know when to go to Uganda for the easiest trekking conditions. Although it’s regarded as a year-round activity, the best time to visit Uganda for guided gorilla trekking is during the country’s two dry seasons: January and February and from June to September.

Guided safari game viewing in Uganda’s savannah parks is best at the end of the dry seasons – February through March and September through October – when wildlife is concentrated around water sources. Bird watching is fantastic all year round but is at its peak between November and April when migrant species are present. April and May, even when considered the rainy season, its great time to visit Uganda and the Gorillas. The views are stunning and it rains mostly in the afternoon for 1 hr and not tempering with guided safari activities.

Value of Guided Safari
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