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Responsible Travel Purpose

Travelling responsibly is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. We believe that travel should be a force for good and by uniting with our employees, partners and travellers, we can make a positive impact in our local and global communities.

Nkuringo Responsible Travel Policy Uganda

Nkuringo’s Social Responsibility

Our safari operations involve various social and environmental protection programs, mainly through our two safari lodges (Papyrus Guest House and Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge) that directly engage with most of our guests. Our responsibility to people and the environment directly affects our business. We are incredibly involved in raising ecological awareness as part of the holiday safari experience by passing on this information to our safari guests.

While the need to go the proverbial extra mile is central to Nkuringo Safaris company philosophy—‘In Harmony With Nature’—our ethos is that our guests depart emotionally rich, more informed and ecologically aware than when they arrived. That they return home more appreciative of the world is of paramount importance to our operations.

In the process, guests are exposed to the continent’s plethora of treasures and experiences and the challenges that face our planet and humanity.

Nkuringo staff are trained on how all the elements of life interact and that tourism and the way we do business have an impact that can be positive or negative on the places we visit. We believe in proactively educating one another and travellers about these cultural and environmental issues and ensuring responsible behaviour in everyday life.

As a travel company and team, we believe in contributing to broader societal goals and look beyond simply making a profit. We understand and are concerned about our human impact on the planet, fostering rapid climate change resulting from massive over-consumption and depletion of resources.

We actively support associates and affiliates engaged in responsible planning and managing our environment and natural resources to redress damage and ensure sustainability.

Our responsible travel policy also endorses the principles of Fair Trade in Tourism, which is about ensuring that the people whose land, natural resources, labour, knowledge and culture are used for tourism activities actually benefit from tourism.

Responsible Travel Through Respect for Local Cultures

Our trips strive to form personal connections with the people and places our guests encounter. To promote creative ways to immerse in the local cultures, we require our staff and guest to show respect for local cultures when they travel by ‘travelling like a local.’

Sustainable, Responsible Travel Company in uganda

Living like a local—a chance to connect more deeply with the destination.

Dress appropriately—consider the local religion, culture, and climate when packing for a trip.

Be mindful when photographing—always ask permission before photographing locals—even a smile and questioning eyebrow raise is enough to communicate the question.

Learn a bit of the local language—before you leave, take the time to learn a handful of words in the local language. Words like “hello,” “thank you,” and “please” grease the wheels of communication with locals.

Adhere to the cultural etiquette, mannerisms, and superstitions—show respect for the local culture by researching appropriate gestures and traditions.

Portray destinations fairly and respectfully in all communications and marketing material.

Nkuringo Walking Safari Guides

Community Responsibility

We work to maximise the benefits generated by tourism for local economies and people by preventing leakages, ensuring that trip earnings actually stay at the destination while providing your customers with a great travel experience.

Supporting Local People and Economies

Employ qualified local guides, drivers, and trip managers—including staff within our operational teams and our lodges in Uganda.

Design and operate trips to feature local suppliers—predominantly work with suppliers who directly benefit the local community and economy.

Partner with local suppliers who share the same values—use local service providers and support social enterprises, local trade, arts and crafts.

Work with local communities to create sustainable experiences that directly benefit the locals—through Nkuringo Walking Safaris, help sponsor walking safari guides with guiding skills training courses and extend our support to the guide’s children in our Nkuringo Junior Stars Program with a primary focus on the girl-child staying in school while their parent earns a comfortable living.

Support and donate to sustainable local projects—through our property, Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, we will continuously support Nkuringo Health Center and Nkuringo Batwa Women Project by providing supplies and developing skills and education schemes.

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Preserving the environment

We aim to preserve the natural and built environments in the places we visit and reduce our operations’ negative impacts on the environment. We minimise the use of essential resources like energy and water and reduce our carbon emissions in our offices, on trips and destinations.

On our trips

We own the fleet vehicles we use on our trips, and we make sure they are safe, reliable and feasible to transport guests to the remotest places. The cars are driven by local drivers, well maintained by local mechanics, and are fuel-efficient.

We encourage our guests to minimise waste and water usage on the trip by giving them organic, reusable carryons and refillable water bottles.

We encourage our suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices or choose suppliers who have implemented sustainable practices in their business operations.

During long country drives, our guests eat at local restaurants and shop at local markets offering local produce, items, and souvenirs.

In our destinations

Our trip planners endeavour to understand the environmental issues in the places we take our visitors and ensure our guests have a minimal direct impact on the resources during their stay.

We ensure our guests preserve and do not contaminate the local water supply like rivers and streams.

Observing national parks and reserve rules is fundamental to the trip’s success. We must inform our guests of such regulations, especially rules governing protected areas for endangered species.

We encourage our guests to engage in activities that contribute highly to conserving the places we visit, like planting a tree, gorilla trekking and habituation experiences.

In our offices

We implement energy conservation initiatives like using efficient lighting, energy star gadgets, and water-saving practices.

Sustainable waste management: Avoid, Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle principles.

We are adopting better purchasing practices, which compel us to source environmentally friendly products.

Protecting People & Animals

In our safari operations, we must observe people’s universal rights, particularly the most vulnerable. We promote fundamental human rights principles—as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—among our staff, guests, local communities and business partners. Everyone deserves the right to be treated with dignity, equality, freedom and respect.

Child doing class work over a bench - protecting vulnerable people and animals as a responsible traveler

Human Rights, Freedoms, & Animal Welfare

As a woman-owned travel company, we support women-staffed enterprises that support the local, vulnerable women in the places we take our guests.

We shall not engage in activities that discriminate against, exploit or traffic women and minority groups.

To protect children, we don’t employ kids below 17 years and discourage all forms of child abuse in our destinations and suppliers.

At our property in Bwindi, we promote credible initiatives that safeguard and assist in the positive development of children and women. For example, the Nkuringo Junior Stars Program and Nkuringo Batwa Women’s Trust.

We do not visit children’s shelters or orphanages on our itineraries or press/media trips.

We oppose any exploitative or illegal practices and those that harm animal welfare. We conduct proper research to ensure we do not promote, visit or participate in activities that fail to uphold animal freedoms.

Nkuringo pack for a purpose while traveling

Pack For Purpose

If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact on the lives of our local children and families.


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